Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Viewpoint

Here's Steve Politi's column from the Star-Ledger on the Giants and Jets Super Bowl bid. Makes a lot of good points about the potential cold and how it's eminently doable.

Interesting weather chart at the end, too. Although a New York/New Jersey Super Bowl would not have met the NFL's 50-degree requirement, the temperatures on the last Super Bowl Sundays around here haven't been brutish, and there has been virtually no snow. A couple of dustings lately, but nothing approaching the blizzard so many fear.




    Great Serby column today about the greed being exhibited by Woody Johnson and Co.

    I thought u were on the side of the everyman Ern but I guess we have to go to Serby to get the truth. Your silence on these PSL's have been disappointing.

  2. Wayno, please, enough with the PSLs already.
    Regarding the weather: Guaranteed blizzard if the Meadowlands Super Bowl comes to fruition.

  3. Tom, THE JETS MIGHT GET BLACKED OUT! What did Jets fans do to deserve that???? What did NY football fans do to deserve that??? This fleecing will continue until we all say enough is enough.

  4. And when we all say enough is enough, what happens then? This is not Utopia, unfortunately.

  5. The Jets fans didn't buy tickets, that's why games are blacked out. Come on Wayno, I thought you were smarter than that.

    Games are blacked out every year. Maybe the Jets should lower their prices or put a better product on the field.

    FYI - Every team has PSLs now. Jerry Jones was charging a min. of 10K per seat for entrance into his palace.

  6. So, Wayno, are you a Jets fan or Giants fan? And when you say "NY football fans", are you including Buffalo in that argument, cause I am sure they care less. Do not blame Ernie for not reporting on the Jets' woes regarding the PSLs, this is a Giants blog. Seriously, why does it bother you so much that people are spending their own money on PSLs? Who cares what others do with their money? If I had the money, I would have purchased a PSL. Unfortunately, I have other financial obligations to uphold. Without people buying those PSLs, Wayno, you would not be able to watch the Giants games. So, instead of complaining and laughing at people, thank them for purchasing the PSLs in order for your team to have a new stadium and have the resources to furnish this team with what they can. Do I agree with you that these PSLs are over-priced and probably will shut out a lot of people from going to games due to financial constraint? Yes. But, the team mandated the PSLs and we have to live with them. Get over it.

    Agree with you Tom, with all of this the weather will probably call for 24" of snow!

  7. If the Jets get blacked out it is not on the Jets fans. I hope u all enjoy watching the Giants with a bunch of corporate D-bags. I will show up for far less than 5 G's thanks to a secondary market that will flourish.

    I care because I know people that bled blue, thru thick and thin and are now priced out. That is a messed up way to treat ur most loyal fans.

  8. Hey, I waited on that waiting list, too, and when I figured out that season 1 in the new Meadowlands would set me back close to $25,000, it was an easy decision to not get the tickets.

    I have been 'bleeding blue' for over 40 years, but it's the way the Giants and most teams are doing business nowadays. And I am nowhere near bitching about it, because the Giants, as a private entity, have the right to conduct their business in the way they see fit. I do not feel at all that I was 'mistreated' as a Giants fan who can't afford to buy the season tix, and I will actually do what you do, Wayno, and scout the secondary market, or even get freebies from friends.

    And that being said, the Giants still won't be blacked out, because in fact, they do have a pretty loyal fan base. And seriously, you didn't answer my question: what will 'enough is enough' get us?

  9. If enough of u stood up and didnt pay the PSL's there would be no PSL's and they would have slinked back to the Gold Coast mansions they came from tail squarely between their legs.

    Every time you see a tisch or Mara boo and hiss them for ripping off the fans. THis is not a way for a bunch of billionaires to finance a stadium, is not the way most teams do business, and it is by far the biggest fleecing of a fan base ever. To act like they are a private entity is a joke because they are a public trust and every one of us have something to do with the success of the Giants over the years. I will not get excited about a new stadium that is as vanilla as Comiskey Park with obstructed views rivalling Yankee stadium pre 1970 renovation.

    The Giants franchise is in for some tough times in the next 20 years with these jerks running the team. Get ready for infighting and a bunch of GM's witht the last name Mara or Tisch. We are srewed.

  10. Politi has one of the worst writing styles in the tri state area and he's a moron. CE718 the "NY" that Wayno was talking about was that city a few miles east of The New Meadowlands ( and the surrounding cities/towns). Yes, the NY Giants play in New Jersey and if it wasn't for that little city a few miles to the east there wouldn't be a NY Giants or a NJ Giants, get over it.

  11. I stood up and didn't pay. Others paid. And you don't have to be excited for the new stadium. What else can you do? Life will go on.

    I also think the biggest fleecing of fans is what the Yankees charge for seats behind home plate, and pretty much any major professional stadium's/arena's price for a beer.

    I actually think the Giants are in very good hands for the next 20+ years, and I think they are primed to win a few more Super Bowls before my time arrives.

    That is all.

  12. Wayno, it is how every franchise is run. Do you not pay attention? And they can charge whatever they want, as long as people are willing to pay it. This is a capitalist society, did you forget?

    And your comment about the owners is silly and misguided. It took Wellington 21 years to win one Super Bowl. It took this current regime two years.

    I would never bash Wellington and thought he was a great owner, but just because you have some bias against his kids, don't make it sound like Wellington was the greatest owner in the history of football.

    The team was a disgrace for over a decade. A DISGRACE. Go check it out. The Giants were Lions-bad, maybe worse. There was massive in-fighting, so bad that the commissioner had to step in.

    He moved the team from New York to New Jersey, one of the most hated decisions in New York sports. Steinbrenner can't even try to move the Yankees to another borough, Wellington moved his team to another state.

    They let LT do whatever he wanted for 10+ years and pretended like nothing was going on. So, come on Wayno, look up the facts before you start rambling incoherently, you're better than that.