Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Viewpoint

I like to think we've got the Giants' problems locked down and explained right here. But it stands to reason that there is intelligent life outside this little universe, and no better proof of that comes with this bit of insight from my Q&A buddy Ed Valentine at Big Blue View.

Ed has a very detailed accounting of the Giants' run problems. It's certainly worth a read, considering that's one of the major issues with this offense. So give him a look. Then come back here and tell me what you think.

Also remember that there's one day left to vote in our poll about what Tom Coughlin should do about defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan. Cast your ballot and then explain yourself on the poll entry. Poll closes at 10 a.m. tomorrow.



  1. I agree with Ed big time. if the Giants hope to compete, they need to upgrade their offensive line play and defensive line play fast.

  2. This is a depressing Sunday, especially with the Ickles ready to crap out against the 'Skins. Once again, we're best off when we don't play.

    A few things to get off my chest, with hopes some of these changes may happen. Any changes, actually, because the status quo won't do.

    5. When things get bad, TC has to be willing to change game momentum with a trick play, i.e. a fake punt, FG, etc. If Jim Zorn can pull it off, TC can do it.

    4. I still haven't seen any explanation why Michael Matthews isn't on this club. Solid run blocking on the edge; a big plus as a rookie in '07; great results in the running game last year.

    3. More Clint Sintim, less Danny Clark.

    2. Give Ramses Barden a shot. We all know why they got him; need to give him that one play in the red zone.

    1. Keep Rouse and Brown off the field by any means necessary..

    It's going to be an ugly week, with the media going gaga over a very beatable Dallas team, and laying the lumber to the underperforming Giants. Hopefully, Bradshaw, Long and Johnson all pick the Cowboys again, as in the '07 playoffs.

    By the way, most likely wildcard opponent if we pull our butt from the fire? Dallas.

  3. I can only agree with points 1 and 3. The Giants don't need trick plays. You use them when you're playing a superior team and don't think you can beat them straight up. And if that fake doesn't work you're all but lost. However, I wouldn't have a problem if the Giants went for it a little more on 4th down.

    And I don't think Mike Matthews was the reason the run game was so successful. It was because: a. the Giants ran the ball 30 times a game and b. the offensive line blocked.

    The Giants need Ramses Barden? If anything wide receiver has turned into a positive. They can play him, but what's he going to do? If anything they need Nicks in more seeing as he's clearly the best receiver on the team.

    And your last point. If Rouse and Brown aren't out there who's playing safety? Michael Johnson isn't that much better and I would imagine you want Ross in at safety. Did you see him against Denver? The guy was running half speed. Maybe he's the answer, but if he's jogging then he shouldn't be in there.