Friday, November 20, 2009

Three Heads?

We've been talking about the need for Brandon Jacobs to get more carries quite a bit on this blog, with good reason. He's the guy who can wear down a defense and bust a big run. And now that he appears to be getting back into his old groove, it's time the Giants start using him again.

However, Danny Ware has also entered the picture. Now that he's healthy again from a dislocated elbow, the Giants are dying to get him some carries and recreate the three-headed backfield that worked so effectively in 2007, where Derrick Ward played the immediate backup role and Ahmad Bradshaw worked primarily in the fourth quarter to kill the clock.

In these two videos, you'll hear offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride talking about how Jacobs' role changed this year as the primary depth chart dropped to two during Ware's recovery. And you'll also hear Jacobs talking about how eager he is to get those carries up, as well as Ware's own goals.


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  1. Jacobs and Bradshaw haven't been getting enough touches as is and Gilbride wants to work Ware in more? Ware has shoulderpads too big for his body and Gilbride is a dunce.