Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Preliminary Injuries

Ahmad Bradshaw may be the loneliest guy on the practice field today. He probably won't work, keeping his injured right foot and ankle in a boot until Friday as he's done since heaven knows when.

Everybody else is scheduled to practice, including the only other two bodies on the preliminary injury list. Those would be Eli Manning, who is still listed with a heel problem, and CB Aaron Ross, who started working last week after sitting out the first nine games with three hamstring tears.

They're getting physically healthier, folks. Now, if they can get the pass rush and running game well, they might have a chance against Atlanta.



  1. VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO! I'd love to see Ross and see if Thomas is working at safety at all. Also if u could interview Ross that would be great.

  2. Please remind Eli that he threw a touchdown pass (to some TE that we used to have against the Cowgirls) while having a hurt shoulder and, therefore, the heel should not bother him.

    Oh and let KG know that if he forgets what the I-formation looks like or how to run a playaction, I am more than willing to have a meeting with him to teach him these football fundamentals.