Friday, November 20, 2009

Little Miracles

The final heavy practice of the week is over, and all of Tom Coughlin's troops are still standing. Every one of the 53.

And who says there's no such thing as miracles? But Coughlin wasn't getting too comfortable with that thought yet.

"We haven't showered yet," he said.

As for the premier comebacker, Aaron Ross, it looks like Coughlin has no plans to use him at safety, at least this week. He did take some snaps with the safeties, but Coughlin indicated that was just for practice purposes.

"There's only so many guys, so they play multiple spots and he’s a corner," Coughlin said. "It’s however we need to use a guy in practice. He is a cornerback, that is what he plays."

When asked if Ross would ever play at safety in a game situation, Coughlin said, not for now.

"No, not at this point in time, but you never know," he said.

Coughlin termed Ross a gametime decision. But he hinted that if Ross does dress, he'll be expected to last for more than a handful of plays.

"We’ll see. We’ll see," Coughlin said. "If somebody dresses, you expect them to – they have to contribute."

The other good news is that Ahmad Bradshaw did nothing the last two days to set himself back. So he should be ready to come in for Brandon Jacobs, just as he has the whole season. Only now, he may have even a lighter workload because the coaches want to get Danny Ware some work.

Still, it was comforting that the Giants now have all their pieces together, just in time for the stretch run.

"You go through cycles of that," Coughlin said. "That’s why the other guys on your team have to be able to step up and do it. Early on we were able to do a lot of that with six defensive backs. We won quite a few games early on. You do have to have guys who do come in and play. It is good to be healthy right now. We are probably as healthy as we have been at any time, right now."


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