Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eli's Foot

As if the Giants don't have enough worries, here's something for them to ponder for the future.

Eli Manning's injured right heel isn't getting any better. In fact, it could soon get worse and potentially bring a premature end to his season.

Adam Schefter of ESPN, in a report today, said doctors have found what is called a stress reaction in the right foot that was previously hampered by a plantar fascia injury to the heel. That could be a precursor to a stress fracture, which Manning probably wouldn't recover from until next season.

Doctors are trying to get the quarterback to stay off the foot, and have given him orthotics and a bone stimulator in hopes of keeping things status quo, Schefter said.

Losing their franchise quarterback no doubt would bring this season crashing to a halt. It's unlikely the Giants have the kind of faith or communication with backup David Carr that they have with Manning, even in light of Manning's struggles of last Thursday. He was seen limping, obviously because of the situation in his right foot.

For a team with performance issues on both front lines, a weak set of safeties, and inconsistent offense, the last thing they needed was this news. Even Manning's well-known toughness won't be enough to overcome this if the bone breaks through.

It's a real headache.

Okay, gang. Start fretting.



  1. Well that's troubling news. Ernie if it does break will Eli be ready for next season? Is it worth the risk?

    And anyway, I think they need a new running back and another offensive lineman. Ware is not the answer, Jacobs looks shot and Bradshaw isn't an every down runner. But losing Eli would be quite the blow. Then we would have to rely on the defense to actually win a game, but who knows stranger things have happened. Hey, the Jets are actually winning today.

  2. Pending on the next couple games something really needs to change, there is WAY to much talent on this team for them to be performing this bad. As the games go on it just seems that Sheridan doesn't know what opposing offenses are trying to do to his defense. This season has been a disappointment on just about every level, maybe next year.

  3. Start Fretting??? I was done fretting a month ago. And I am sick of anybody talking about Tynes heroics because I could kick a 40 yard field goal in Denver and I haven't played football since High School.

  4. If they lose to Dallas and the Eagles you might as well shut him down, and the chances of that are high.

    Given the Giants recent performace, the Boys are licking their chops. Think about it, a good running game, a talented Tight End, and some good receivers will eat this defense up. Dallas 31 - Giants 13.

    Sorry guys, I'm a huge Giants fan but this is the worst team we have had in years. They play with no heart and guys are not making any plays. Nothing I've seen leads me to believe that will change anytime soon.

  5. Bad news twice:
    First for Eli.
    Second, because it may provide the excuse to keep TC and his braindead coaching staff for another year.

  6. Let him play the next game. If they play like they did in Denver, shut him down for the season. No point in risking his future for this miserable season. If they win and finally play with heart, pray his foot holds up.

  7. apparently a bone stimulater isn't what I thought it was

  8. When people said that Eli's foot was no longer an issue, I knew better. Having been a runner for the past 25 years, I know that Plantar Fasciitis is not something that just goes away with a week or two off. It takes a long time to come back from that injury, especially if you are stressing it continually, like Eli is. You can hobble along with it, but it just makes the condition worse.

  9. That's ironic, I've been getting a "stress reaction" after watching the Giants play since the Saints debacle.