Monday, November 23, 2009

Highlights Monday

Well, it's been a long time since you guys have had some happy highlights to sweeten your morning coffee. Here's a chunk of them to take into the day.


  1. Ernie,
    Thanks for the highlights and for hosting the live chat during the game. My comments

    There's very little margin for error on some of Eli's throws. I'd love to see the patterns produce more wide open options.All the Eli doubters out there, ask yourself how many QBs make those throws, they're not easy. In comparison to the teams we play, who seem to always have guys open (due to poor D on our side), Eli doesn't have as many easy completions.

    Do you think Kiwi is just too undersized? He's light and plays tall, at times it seems that he gets blown off the ball. Overall the D-line is a bit undersized, they seem to get pushed back and trap blocked alot. The one TD run by Snelling shows this problem.

    I couldn't believe the play calling in the OT prior to the FG, are you kidding with the long pass across the width of the field. That was almost a pick 6 the ohter way.

    Whether he won the game or not, Tynes has got to do a better job on kickoffs, he gives the other team way too much field position.

    You could see an improvement with the pace of the game yesterday.

    Every time I see Tampa Bay get blown out and I watch Rocky Bernard do nothing, I miss Derrick Ward and his explosiveness. Short week and onto hapless Denver


  2. This team may win again on Thursday, but they are going nowhere fast.

  3. They need to sure up that defense. They held Atlanta to less than 100 yards in the first half and seven points.

    They have the ability on defense, but I don't know why it just collapses at the worst times. They have six weeks left to figure out what's the problem. Here's hoping Chris Simms starts on Thursday.

  4. Off-topic, but does anyone have any idea how this whole thing works with Thursday's game showing on NFL Network? Will it be on basic cable in the tri-state area?


  5. As long as you're in the Giants coverage area it will be shown on local television.

    So, I think that's most of NY, Conn. and most of Jersey (I think south Jersey is Eagle country).