Friday, November 27, 2009

Game 11 Summary

I promised you a complete summary of whatever that was last night, so here it is. But first, I want to ask you guys a question that was asked of me on the Giants Gameday show, which you can see tomorrow night on NBC.
Given everything that's happening and taking into account the upcoming schedule, where do you see the Giants finishing. I said 9-7, with a definite shot at a wildcard spot. But that's just me. Am I a dreamer? A nutcase? A realist? I'm curious to read what you guys think. Give me a record and a reason.

Whatever your answers are, it's pretty obvious that if the Giants continue to play as they did last night, just getting a single win, let alone taking three of five, will be basically impossible.

Here's the summary. Oh, and by the way, here's the stats package from And here's Mike Eisen's notes package from


The epitome of this game came early, on a second-quarter fourth-and-5 from the Giants' 29, the Broncos ahead 3-0. Under most circumstances, Denver probably would have sent Matt Prater out for a field goal. Instead, coach Josh McDaniels ordered up a pass play, on which tight end Tony Scheffler gained 21 yards. The ultimate result was a field goal and a 6-0 lead -- a mere pin prick compared to what could have been. But the Broncos knew right then and there that the Giants' defense couldn't stop them, and the Giants never did anything about it.

Danny Ware had the ball stripped in the second quarter at the Giants' 38 by linebacker Mario Hagan, validating the coach's main concern about how well Ware could secure the ball after missing the first six games with a dislocated elbow. The turnover resulted in a touchdown and a 13-0 lead.

Up 16-6 in the fourth quarter, Kyle Orton found wide receiver Brandon Stokley wide open in the middle with nary a safety within six yards of him. Stokley took the pass and waltzed into the end zone from 17 yards out for a 23-6 lead, sealing the game.

As Eli Manning made one, last try to get his team back into the game, Elvis Dumervil stormed around left tackle David Diehl forhis second sack, forcing a fumble and a recovery that led to a final field goal.


Brandon Jacobs: He carried 11 times for 27 yards of a 57-yard team effort that went as the Giants' worst cumulative rushing performance in three years. He rarely found a hole and was often running side-to-side rather than downhill.

Eli Manning: The quarterback was unable to create the fast tempo that was so effective against Atlanta. When he looked downfield, he found no open receivers. Virtually every one of his completions was challenged or threaded, and he had a lost fumble and an interception.

Danny Ware: He had a lost fumble when the Giants trailed 6-0 and recorded 27 yards on four carries.

Terrell Thomas: His team-high fourth interception of the season was the only defensive bright spot.

Mario Manningham: He had five catches for 48 yards and showed his sideline awareness on a 13-yard catch on which he kept his inside foot an inch inbounds.

Michael Boley: Last week's NFC Defensive Player of the Week watched as Scheffler ran right past him for the 21-yard pass completion on fourth-and-5 in the second quarter.

Danny Clark: He had the only sack, which was also the only hit on Orton.


Hakeem Nicks: Add another big play to Nicks' resume, this one a 36-yarder on the final, non-scoring drive.


The whole game. No offense, no defense, and when Lawrence Tynes finally put a kickoff into the end zone, the coverage unit allowed Correll Buckhalter to return it 42 yards. Call it a complete no-show.


CB Corey Webster went out with a left knee injury in the second quarter and returned.

RB Danny Ware had a concussion in the third quarter and did not return.

S Michael Johnson had a groin injury in the second quarter and did not return.



  1. The giants were victoms of the perfect storm if you had to come up with the best case for a let down game it would come on 3 days rest after playing the late game on Sunday and then flying to the thin air on Wed.They looked tired as well as unprepaired . Thats why Mara was complaining.They were not playing the Saints they were playing a team who just lost 4 in a row and to look so bad there were other issues involved.

  2. Like an alcoholic who has to reach total flat out rock bottom before picking himself up, the NYG will need to continue this parade of humiliation to realize the magnitude of their problem.
    They have mediocre talent coached by embarrassing incompetents.
    Even if they reach the playoffs, it would be another embarrassment and unfortunately continue the reign of Coughlin the clueless and his really bad coaches.

  3. I don't even recognize the GIANTS anymore... They just look like a different team, a different organization... not the one I've loved that was founded on playing tough defense.
    ...and what's also troubling is personnel-wise, we started with pretty much the same defensive players we had last year, plus some free agents vets who I thought would only make our defense that much better... but instead, these guys suck!
    You tell me, EP, is it the coaching or are the players to blame?
    Also, we used to have one of the most dominant O-lines in the league... until this year!!!
    We NEED some serious personnel/coaching changes after this season... because this team suddenly doesn't even look close to being a title contender. These guys are a million miles from the team we had last year...

  4. The first thing Reese should do is IMMEDIATELY hire Cowher as the new defensive coordinator / official head coach in waiting...
    Please! Throw lots of money at him, he's worth it!