Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flip-Flopping Around

Different schedule for today. First of all, it's Tuesday, which is usually the coaches' gameplan day and the players' day off. As you can see, we're out here, along with the whole team.

The coaches got a lot of their gameplanning done during the bye week, using the time to get a jump on the Broncos' previous games. By late yesterday morning, they had the film of Denver's horrendous loss to San Diego in their hot little hands, and they'll finalize the gameplanning today before they take the players out for a 4 p.m. practice. Should be fairly easy. If Kyle Orton is in there despite a sprained ankle, pressure him. If Chris Simms is in there, take the night off.

Too harsh? Sorry.

Anyway, the locker room opens up in a bit, and I'll get back to you later.



  1. Ern, maybe u can ask jacobs why he gets hurt every game although it is never serious. I don't want u to get choked out but Jake loves pulling himself out of games.

  2. Have any kickers been brought in this week?

  3. Wayne2424, I agree. For a guy that big, he seems to be very fragile. It is almost like he is so worried about what happened in previous seasons...he feels like he has to get checked out after every hit. If he runs lower like all the coaches tell him..he would dish out more than he would receive.