Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Little Boley

Starting you guys off with a little Michael Boley this morning. You know this game is circled on his calendar because of his rather nasty divorce from the Atlanta Falcons in free agency this year.

Boley admitted to being somewhat bitter, not because the Falcons got rid of him, but because of how they did it. Seems late in the season, when Mike Smith took away his starting job, the coach actually let him take the practice field with the first unit before waving him off the field. AWKWARD! Seems Smith didn't think the athletic Boley was playing aggressively enough.

Boley's all smiles now. You'll hear him talking about his knee, the knocking off of rust in his first game back against San Diego, and a couple of other issues. So sit back, enjoy that first or sixth cup of java, and listen.



  1. Thanks Ern. This bye week gives me renewed confidence that with all the defenders back on board the Giants should be able to beat the Falcons. 6.5 points thouhg..ugh I wouldn't lay that. I think u should talk about point spreads/ ou / prop bets more often Ern.

  2. Always nice when a player brings a little fire against his former team. Could help with that extra step and getting to the quarterback.