Monday, November 23, 2009

Cross The Fingers

The Giants are reporting that no new injuries came out of the Falcons game. So the injury list will remain: QB Eli Manning (foot), RB Ahmad Bradshaw (foot and ankle), and LB Antonio Pierce (neck).

Just keep your fingers crossed. If last week's Pierce saga taught anything, it is that these injury things can change at a moment's notice. I'll be interested to see how much Brandon Jacobs practices tomorrow, for instance, given that he came out of the game with a third-quarter knee injury and did not return.

Coughlin reported that Jacobs was "fine" today.

While we're at it, here's a question about a recent returner. Now that Aaron Ross has gotten his feet wet at safety, would you start him there against Denver. If so, who would you replace, Aaron Rouse or Michael Johnson. Just wondering.



  1. If we have to start a career corner at safety because we don't have an actual safety that can actually play... we're in real trouble... Aaron's a good athlete and football player, but no way can he all of the sudden just become a safety...
    Here's hoping Rouse can continue to step up and seize the opportunity.
    Put Ross in at nickel as an upgrade to B. Johnson...
    ... and for christ's sake, give Sintim a chance!

  2. What I would do, EP, is start Ross at defensive tackle... I'm sure he'd give us more production that the bums we currently have playing the position.