Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From The Corner's Mouth

Here's Aaron Ross talking about how good he felt and how much he expects to play Sunday if he makes it through the last two days of practice.

Keep in mind that Ross probably won't resume his starting duties immediately, especially since Terrell Thomas is playing so well. But he could see some time at safety.

Thomas said Ross had practiced a few snaps with the safeties in individual drills. But when asked if Thomas took any safety snaps, the current starter grew a bit cagey.

"In our defense, you can play safety, nickel, corner, anywhere," Thomas said. "It all plays into it."

Still, it seems at this premature point that if there's a switch in duties to be made, Ross is being primed to make it.

Either way, Thomas was excited about seeing Ross out there.

"He's looking good," Thomas said. "I'm glad to have him back. He's going to be a great addition to our secondary. We've had a lot of injuries, but now everybody's up and he's a hellofa player. We're fortunate to get him out there."

Having Ross will create a bit more flexibility back there, too, a fact not lost on Thomas.

"We've got a lot more options now, a lot more depth," Thomas said. "That concern is gone, and now we can get back to playing every scheme we want to. I don't think we've been limited, except for the first three weeks when we had just three corners. But if any of us went down, it would have put us in a bind.

"This gives us more depth and more confidence that we can put players in certain positions, and it can work."



  1. Hey Ern, was that u that Thomas got pissed at? Did u tell him "I faced down a LB much crazier and bigger than u, got choked for it and lived son?". Haha Classic Ern!

  2. Ernie,

    So, based on what you've seen and heard, come Sunday, first defensive play of the game.....who's out there at safety?

  3. GGGGGG-men:

    Rouse and Michael Johnson. I still say Ross gets intermittent work at corner the first time around.