Friday, November 13, 2009

Take It Away, Ed!

You know what Friday's all about. It's time for Ed Valentine and I to swap answers to the pressing questions of the day. For a glance at mine, head on over to Ed's blog at the Big Blue View;

Here's Ed!

1. Given the post-bye schedule, can the Giants fight their way into the postseason?

"Sure they can. Will they? That's a whole different story. The schedule is brutal, with five quality teams in seven games. Can they go 5-2 in those seven games, which is what I think would guarantee a playoff spot? It's possible, but a lot of things have to change in those seven games. Most specifically, they have to play better defense. I am not jumping ship and giving up on the season, but at this point I'm not counting on a fifth straight playoff appearance, either."

2. Is the short, controlled passing game Eli Manning exhibited in last week's loss to San Diego the way to go?

"Well, chicks dig the long ball. So do NFL fans. I believe there are situations where you take your shots. Watch any good NFL team on a Sunday and there are always spots like "single-high" safeties where teams take shots down the field. That said, the Giants had sort of fallen in love with the deep ball and it was taking them out of what they do best -- which is control the clock. They got back to that against San Diego, and I was glad. They need to find a happy medium. As the weather and wind become more of a factor, they will have to take the short throws and move the chains. One thing to remember, though, about the big play -- when they can hit it it does help them avoid all that Green Zone trouble they have."

3. Many of the players say this four-game losing streak hasn't shaken their confidence. Do you believe them?

"Hardly. Hey, if you keep bringing stories to your editor and he keeps rejecting them are you still going to feel good about your work? If you keep applying for jobs and getting nothing but rejection letters are you still going to be confident? The players are saying the words they need to say, and that you would expect them to say. Of course their confidence has to be shaken somewhat, though. It's time for them to stop talking and start producing."

4. Has the offensive line finally gotten too old to get the job done?

"Well, I would hardly say it is falling apart. There are cracks surfacing, though, particularly at the tackles. Kareem McKenzie has, in my mind, always been the weakest link on the line. David Diehl has always had trouble with speed rushers, and that's never going to get better. My biggest concern has been watching blitzers run free, as well as the fact that the push doesn't seem to be there consistently in the run game. Drafting Will Beatty was a good start toward re-structuring the line, but it is an area that will unquestionably need off-season attention. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing another tackle brought in next season along with Beatty, and having Diehl move inside to replace Seubert."

Opinions, anybody?



  1. I actually think that right now Seubert is the weakest link. There seems to be a lot of pressure up the middle and it seems that it comes from his side. Ed is right about Diehl replacing Seubert - and Beatty seems to have a lot of upside.

  2. Ed is sooooo right about Seubert. Deihl isnt a left tackle and with Seubert past his prime this should be his last year. I couldnt disagree with any of ur responses Ern. Very well thought out responses from the #1 blogger on the web. Lets do another live chat today!

  3. I agree Seubert probably should no longer be a starter. It's too bad because I really liked him. However, he was a backup a few years ago - I think three - when he was coming back from injury. Maybe he could go back to being the 6th man. I would move Beatty in to left tackle (probably next year)and Diehl to guard. But let's not forget McKenzie is another weak link on that line. The team has two "weak" offensive lineman. So, even if we move Seubert what do you do with Karim? The Giants really need to replace two lineman.

    And someone brought up this draft class and called it weak. First, you can never judge a draft until three years down the road. However, that being said I actually think Jerry did another solid job. Nicks looks like a stud. Sintim should be starting at this point over Danny "Stuck in the mud" Clark. And Beatty definitely has potential. That doesn't even include Barden who was a long term project anyway.

    I do think changes need to be made - coordinators, older vets (Pierce, Clark, McKenzie, Seubert) need to go and some depth (safety) could be added. But if you look at it positively the Giants really should have/could have beaten the Chargers and/or the Cardinals. Obviously they didn't, but this team really isn't that far off from the one the last two years that went a combined 26-10 with a Spuer Bowl ring, NFC East title and top seed in the playoffs.

    All is not lost Giants fans. I really believe a coupld of tweekings and getting a little younger in some areas and this team will be back to elite level once again. not every team makes the playoffs every year (unless you're the Colts). Even the Pats hit road blocks once in a while.

    I believe in Jerry and Tom to get this straightened out (not necessarily Kevin and Bill).

  4. LETS GO ERN! I know its Friday but I need my fix. What u got???

  5. I have gone though enough bad seasons to realize that this is one of them. I do question why a team with the success that the Giants have had the last several years would play not to lose instead of to win. I also wonder why some of the younger players did not see more action during the weak portion of the schedule. For the Giants to get better the younger players had to raise their game. The older players are not going to get better at this point in their careers ie Pierce, Clark. I would appreiciate your thoughts on Sintim and some of the younger offensive lineman. Are they solutions going forward?

  6. Ernie - how about a discussion about what the Giants will do if no progress is made in the contract talks and next year ends up being an uncapped year. I would think it's almost a certainty that Dallas and Washington will spend big bucks. Do you believe the Giants plan to do so as well, do it because Jones and Snyder force their hands, or stay conservative with their spending in case the cap comes back? I would think if they miss the playoffs this year, that will only add to the pressure for them to spend big. New stadium, PSLs, and they share a division with two owners who love to throw their money around. Any indications from Reese as to what NY may do?