Sunday, November 15, 2009

Couldn't Resist

Just had to blog a reminder for all you Nervous Nellys out there who think a Giants' turnaround is all but impossible. Look what happened today to the teams on their schedule.

Atlanta? Lost. Denver? Lost their third straight. That overpowering Dallas offense the Giants barely survived in Week 2? Green Bay darned near pitched a shutout against it. Philadelphia? Lost to San Diego.

And now, when the Giants head back to work tomorrow afternoon, they'll be tied (but behind in the tiebreaker) for second with the 5-4 Eagles, a game behind the 6-3 Cowboys.

Anyone else want to try to figure out this crazy league?



  1. Great bye week from the G-Men! That has to give them confidence that they can get this done.

    Let's hope they come back healthy and hungry. Go Blue!!!!


  2. This is why I voted Yes in the playoff poll. Cowboys, Eagles, Falcons. We only need to beat one of those 3 to a playoff spot. None of them are locks. Dallas could very well fall apart again in December. The Eagles are a completly diferret team from week to week and might have lost Westbrook for the season.

    Plenty of football left.

  3. Great Bye week! Things have changed for the better. Now the GMEN get Atlanta possibly without Turner and have to come out and show something.

  4. So, you are saying we have a chance...yes!

    I will be anticipating some good news on Ross this week. Go Big Blue!!

  5. Did you notice Green Bay kept blitzing even with a 17-0 lead and time running out? They brought pressure from the beginning to the end. Romo took some shots that I'm surprised he got up from. I certainly hope Coughlin and Sheridan were taking notes.

    As for Atlanta, if Turner can't play against the Giants that is a huge advantage for NY. Now, can Boley keep Gonzalez in check and can Webster cover White? Carolina was successful working the middle. Does KillDrive have enough sense to use Boss early and often the same way Carolina used Muhammad?

  6. HEY, remember last year at this time? The 5-4 Eagles? Went on to NFC Championship game.

    Remember the 4-5 Chargers?!?! I live in SD and people out here gave up on watching their games. Some weeks later they make the playoffs and upset the Colts in the 1st round of the playoffs.