Thursday, November 19, 2009

Something For The Offseason

The head coaching situation in Buffalo is something to keep an eye on this offseason, if only because Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride appears in the mix of successors for the fired Dick Jauron.

And Gilbride said today that he'd have no trouble accepting the job if the Bills came calling in January. Gilbride said he enjoyed his two years there, from '02-'03, as the offensive coordinator.

"I'd certainly be interested," Gilbride said today. "I loved Buffalo and the people. You know, there's nothing much up there, so they're all crazy for the Bills. And I got along with (owner) Ralph Wilson great.

"Besides, we're northeast people. I'll go anywhere I have to, and we have, but we'd rather stay in the northeast whenever possible."

Gilbride, of course, coached the San Diego Chargers in 1997 and '98.

According to ESPN, the Bills have already contacted former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, and will also give interim head coach Perry Fewell a fair chance to win the job permanently over these last seven games. Shanahan would be an attractive choice because of his two Super Bowl titles, but with other coaching spots potentially opening in Washington, Carolina, Oakland, Cleveland, and Tampa Bay, just to name a few, he may not consider Buffalo as a prime landing spot.

So it's not inconceivable that Gilbride could get a call after the season or, if the Giants make the playoffs, the postseason week where assistants can be interviewed.



  1. I hope everyone else sees the silver lining as I do. Think about it...KG will want to boost his resume a bit. He might actually start coaching BETTER! Compare it to a back or receiver going into the last year of a contract. They step up a bit. KG, dude, step up and go get that HC job somewhere. We are totally behind you on this one. Coach your butt off the next 7 games. I don't want to see an offense production any lower than 4 TDs a game. You want that HC job in Buffalo, that's what you got to do. If you need any help, let us know. We are sure to help you land that job!

  2. Take him. PLEEEEASE take him. I know a lot of the final play calling falls on TC's shoulders, but I blame a lot of the red zone failures on Killdrive.

  3. It's time. Both the Giants and KG need a change of scenery. The recent San Diego game summed it up. While Simms was insisting on air that the Giants would pass because you "always go for the win", my nine year old said in a resigned voice, "Hand-off". When a nine year old starts calling your plays, it's time to go elsewhere. But, please Coughlin and Reese, no more newbies. We already have a trainee as the DC. Let's get an established guy for the OC, ok? And PLEASE don't even think for one second about hiring Jim Zorn or Wade Phillips in any capacity whatsoever!!!

  4. I agree - Gilbride never has seemed to be able to fully utilize or adapt to the players he has in his offensive arsenal. I would love to see what another, more creative coordinator would do with the offensive talent that Reese has put together. I think its being wasted with Gilbride calling the plays.

  5. I agree with dweez115. I'm hoping Gilbride moves on, and for his own sake finds a better system somewhere else. It seems there is a TON of potential in our offense that is going to waste with his very generic and conservative play calling.

    Here's one example: For as much as I'm not a big fan of the wildcat offense, we have one of the best O-lines in the league and lead the NFL in rushing last year. Tell me we couldn't throw off the Eagles D with a little trickery. There's no reason not to run Ware and Bradshaw in the wildcat for AT LEAST one down. Just see what happens.
    Its the creativity that is non-existent with KG. Even the passing game. No creative route running whatsoever. Watch the play calling for San Diego or Arizona or even Philly. So often you see receivers break WIDE OPEN. Hardly ever for us and we have one hell of a fast receiving core.
    There's something missing on offense with the play calling and we need a good shake up this offseason.
    Billick? Anyone...