Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Interesting Eli Numbers

Here's a statistical notes package Mike Eisen of Giants.com compiled with the help of the Elias Sports Bureau detailing Eli Manning's progress as compared with some of the NFL's other quarterbacking greats over their first 80 starts. Manning had his 80th, the equivalent of five full seasons, Sunday. And you might want to notice that he has five more wins than that Peyton fellow out in America's heartland over said span.

It's also worth noting that the Giants' next two home games, 1 p.m. against Atlanta on Nov. 22, and 4:15 p.m. Dec. 6 against Dallas, will not fall victim to the dreaded flex scheduling the NFL instituted a few years ago for the final seven games of the season. They're staying put, so keep your original gameday plans.

Also, just a reminder that we're going live with a bye-week chat Thursday from 11-11:30 a.m. I know that's going to interfere with the first half-hour of The View, but I think Whoopi, Joy, Sherri and Barbs will understand if you tune them in late. Heck, they seem like they'd enjoy a good time. Maybe they'll join in.



  1. Mike Eisen needs to add Rothlesberger and David Rivers to the list. The fact remains that the 2004 draft maneuvering done by Erni Accorsi will go down as one of the greatest BOTCH jobs of all time. He had his pick of Rivers or Rothlesberger, who have both proven to be better players than Eli. Had he selected either one of them, or possibly even moved down and still selected Rothlesberger, he would probably have other key playes with the picks he had to give up. I realize Eli won a Super Bowl, for which I will be forever grateful, but they could have won 2 or 3 more with either of the other 2 guys. Eli just isn't as good as either of those guys. I felt this back in 2005, that this move by Accorsi was going to bother me for the rest of my life and it is proving to be more true today than ever before. I'm amazed more is not made of this.

  2. Sean....that was the most depressing comment ever. Mainly because I just don't have a good enough argument against it.

    I'll still take Eli over Rivers any day. Attitude is a big thing for me to root for and Eli's is always classy, professional and unwavering which is absolutely perfect for the NY climate. I just can't stand Rivers in any way, shape or form. Ben is another story. He's the better QB. I still think he's about as inconsistant as Eli. I also think Eli can really shine if he's put into a similar passign system as the other two guys. Gilbride just doesn't run creative pass schemes and Eli and his receivers suffer.

    The stat in the article above that troubles me a bit is the INT column. It seems he's got that more under control now, but every now and then we see old frustrated Eli forcing something.

  3. gggg-men - I agree 100% with your comments about Eli being a classy guy - I have 2 daughters and he's the kind of guy I would love to see them marry. But I root for the Team and not necessarily any individual and he just isn't consistently good enough. I'm not sure I agree with your take on Rivers' swagger - he might have been a huge hit in NY just because of that. We like to see passionate, emotional people leaving it out on the field. Rivers is definately that. And the fact that he throws a tight spiral and Eli does not lends itself to Rivers being way more productive in Giants Stadium in windy games. Thats when Eli is at his absolute worse. Think Phil Simms - a tight spiral every throw.

  4. Yeah....like I said: I have no good argument against it. The character thing just irks me big time. It's not about him being pumped up, it's about arrogance on AND OFF the field. I think Eli's demeanor is worth his mega-deal for playing in NYC. He's 95% clutch, while Rivers will leave you hanging more often. I'd also like to see Eli in a better system with a better O.C. (which hopefully will be next year). I think if he's allowed to open up more in a creative pass game, he'd be even better.

    And yes, Simms had some of the best mechanics in the game. Eventhough he's not that great, I always kinda wanted Chris Simms as our backup. Just to see the name on a Giants jersey again. lol