Friday, November 20, 2009

Ed's Back!

Here we are again with our traditional Friday Q&A swap with Big Blue View's Ed Valentine. For my answers, head over to, where every day is Valentine's Day.

1. We haven't seen much of the no-huddle offense this year. Do you think a return to it in spots could help the Giants' offense?

"Eli is good in the no-huddle, and I would have no problem with it once in a while. Anything that helps the "pace" of the Giants offense. I love Eli, but he makes me insane with all of his pre-snap adjustments and taking the clock down to :01 on just about every play. Get the play off, keep some pace, keep moving and keep attacking. The offense is not the Giants biggest issue, but they have reached a point in the season where they have to fire all of their bullets, and the no-huddle could be one of them."

2. Just how big is this game with Atlanta?

"As big as it gets, for me. This IS the season right here. Win it, and the playoffs are realistic. Lose it, and Giants players can take all they want about the season not being over, but for all intents and purposes the season will be over."

3. Now that Danny Ware can carry the ball, how would you use him?

"Two things. I'd like to see the Giants return to that two-return man set they used early on in kickoff return situations. For whatever reason Domenik Hixon has been bottled up lately. Maybe Ware, who showed potential in the return role in pre-season, can make a play. I also think he has to get some of those carries that have been going to Ahmad Bradshaw, since Bradshaw seems to be losing the fight with his foot and ankle injuries. Particularly, I'd like to see Ware in passing situations. I trust his receiving skills more than Brandon Jacobs. And I trust his blocking more than Bradshaw's."

4. Assuming Aaron Ross will be able to play, would you put him at cornerback or safety?

"First, I think it's unfair to expect Ross to play a high number of snaps. I would hope he can play 10-15 snaps, and play them well. As for where I would like to see him, I think safety in obvious passing situations would be a good place to start. Not sure I trust him right now locked up one-on-one with receivers on the outside -- he's been away a loooong time. In the middle of the field where he can play a little center field and use his athleticism and ball skills is a place he should be able to contribute."

What do you guys think?



  1. Whats up with u and the no huddle Ern? Eli hasn't looked great and has had some big mistakes this year. The only thing the no-huddle would do would be to distract the team from its ultimate goal which is RUN RUN RUN!

    I agree with u on Ware. He does not need any touches and whatever myth is out there that he is a stud in the passing game is nothing more than wishful thinking.

    Ross/Thomas safety debate is overated because as long as CC doesn't see the field I am happy.

  2. I read a comment somewhere from somebody saying that Ware's return to the offense could mean more no-huddle since he was a key ingredient to the no-huddle offense in the pre-season. I agree.

    I think Ware has a TON of potential. As much as I absolutely LOVE Bradshaw and know we're committed to him first, I really think Ware can bring us a screen game similar to the Tiki days; balanced speed and power. Then again, I think we need more Bradshaw screens as well. Especially for those brutal 3rd and shorts that aren't getting converted.

    As far as Ross at safety, I agree 100%. He could very well add some ball hawk ability back there that was lost when KP went down.

  3. You're right if the Giants lose this weekend it's pretty much over barring a total colaspe by both the Cowboys and Eagles.

    Let's hope we see a return of Earth, WInd and Fire this weekend. (And I'm not talking about Maurice White and Phillip Bailey).