Monday, November 30, 2009

The Votes Are In!

The voting booth is closed, and a goodly number of the 171 who voted in our latest poll about what to do with Bill Sheridan must see something in defensive backs coach Pete Giunta. Fifty-one of you, or 29 percent, decided that the Giants would be well-served by replacing the defensive coordinator with Giunta, who was originally considered as Steve Spagnuolo's successor along with Sheridan.

As you can see, however, that choice wasn't an overwhelming majority. In fact, there was no majority, as you guys offered a wide range of solutions.

The idea of keeping Sheridan where he is, but allowing him to coach upstairs as he said he wanted to, drew 38 votes, or 22 percent. And 35 people, 20 percent of the vote, said Tom Coughlin would be better off firing Sheridan outright and taking over the defense himself. Twenty-six votes, 15 percent, were in favor of firing Sheridan for defensive line coach Mike Wauffle. And 21, 12 percent, said Coughlin should keep Sheridan but increase his own input into the defensive decision-making.

Just goes to show you that even when everything is going wrong, there's no clear-cut solution to the problem.



  1. In fairness Ernie, I think it would have been a much different vote if you offered the option of fire Sheridan and bring in an experienced DC from the outside. I think Sheridan is in way over his head. Some guys just can't make the jump to the next level.

  2. dweez115:

    Yes, I considered that option. But I'm talking about what should happen now, and it's impossible to bring in an outsider once the season has started. Since I pretty much deemed that option impossible, I didn't include it. But I agree, had we been talking about the offseason, that probably would have been the overwhelming vote.

  3. Ernie - what about Charlie Weis as new offensive coordinator for next year?? I don't think he will get a HC job and he knows Coughlin and has a tie to the Mara's. Any chance?

  4. I agree with dweez115 - your survey would have had different results if you had a choice of 'wait until the end of the year, then replace Sheridan with a more experienced defensive coordinator'. Or something like that. It certainly appears like he hasn't cut it as a coordinator.

    If you remember, even Spangnolo's approach took a few weeks to catch on. The Giants' defense looked terrible the first couple of weeks under Spagnolo. But then it clicked and they started playing great. Nothing has clicked with Sheridan. I think he has had his chance.

  5. I heard New England was going to hire him back. Although I would like Weiss.

    What do you do for DC is the bigger question. At least the offense is respectible some of the time. Who's out there? Should they try and get an unproven guy like they did with Spags or Sheridan or go with experience?

  6. I think the Giants have two options at DC that they should consider. Dick Jauron is now available (He was Coughlin's DC in Jacksonville) and I believe John Fox will be fired at the end of the season. Personally, I never wanted Fox to leave and he was a fine DC for the GMen. As far as finding a new OC...of course Charlie Weiss would be perfect but I believe Belichick and him are close friends.

  7. Ernie - I disagree that it's impossible to bring in an outsider once the season has started. Other teams have pulled it off. Is it ideal to have a DC come in midway through a season? Of course not. It's for emergencies only. To me, dead last in red-zone defense and losing 5 out of 6 qualifies as an emergency for a team that's a season and a half removed from winning the Super Bowl. And let's be honest, the Atlanta game could have gone the other way. so they could very well be on a six game slide. As Mitch said, Jauron is available right now and, not that I'm a fan of the guy, so is Jim Haslett. Both men, while NOT being a perfect solution, I believe could take over right now and do a better job than Sheridan. Obviously, I am not privy to insider info such as you are, but my impression is that Sheridan either isn't able to do the job or just wasn't ready for the responsibilities of being the DC. Either way, it's hard to argue with the evidence on the field. This defense scares no one and folds like a house of cards in a nor'easter once the opposing team gets past the 20 yard line. I believe such a drastic change has a better chance to improve things than to make them worse. I hope the D can turn it around against Dallas, but honestly, would you bet any money that they will?

  8. Waufle. Jauron. Fox. Door number 4? It simply cannot get any worse. Do SOMEthing. Sheridan's not cutting it, and they've been pretty patient with his lack of focus, inability to instill any sense of pride and tradition, and (perhaps most telling) a catastrophic FAILURE to make an adjustment at halftime while the game is still within reach.

    Mr. Sheridan, can I help you with your coat? And you better start packing those bags.

  9. Sheridan needs to go, Fox or Jauron for DC and Weis or anybody for OC.
    Bench Osi, put in Kiwi who was better last year.
    OT to replace Mckenzie
    OG to replace Seubert
    MLB to replace Pierce
    and OLB (Danny Clark?)
    DT Robbins, Cofield or Bernard have not stopped the run