Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well, That's It For Now

Unless the Giants' world comes crashing down in the next few hours, we're done until Friday.

I want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. May your turkey be moist, your loved ones be well, and all your bets come in.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Ernie.

  2. No way Ern! Let's Live Blog! Ralph stinks.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Ern, Go Giants!

    Lookin forward to a happy recap Friday afternoon.

  4. Canty in coverage? Eli overthrowing and underthrowing receivers. The Giants have been consistent. Rough year.

  5. Sorry Ern,

    See my comment on your game prediction. Nothing has changed. The Giants are still in a tailspin. This season is toast.

    Other than that, hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

  6. ern...the giants world DID come crashing down

  7. Sorry, I just can't keep quiet. This team was out played, out coached, and out worked. The other guys just wanted it way more!

    This season is toast. What turns it around? Game after game the Giants weaknesses are exposed. They are terrible up the middle of the field on Defense. On offense, where do you start tonight? It is obvious the Offensive Line is mediocre to poor.

    This team will battle the Redskins for last place in the Conference at this rate. They have Dallas and the Eagles coming up, two teams that are playing way better ball than the G-Women.

    The thing that kills me is that this team should be much better. It is playing way below its potential, or maybe I just thought they were better than this.

    Either way, they should be ashamed of that effort tonight. That was not a professional football team out there.

  8. Ernie - I have asked it before, do you get any sense that Coughlin has lost the players? There is no question that they have more talent then what was on display in Denver. I hate to resort to the "blame the coach" tactic, but I saw a team that, with a few exceptions, played like they knew they had lost the game before the kickoff. The Denver game was disgraceful. You can't fire an entire team, so where does the ax fall when things turn this ugly? It's reached a point where I am embarrassed for them.

  9. We need a new "Spags" at D.C. and for Reese to have a really good 2010 draft. Oh yeah, a new O.C. would be great too but most definitely a new D.C.

  10. I continue to hope for more national-TV humiliations like that dysfunctional mess passed off last night as football.
    The season is lost, but maybe these continued displays of ineptness and gutlessnes will wake up somebody SOMEBODY in the front office from their coma.....helloooo..Reese, Mara

  11. Wake them up from their coma? What's that mean? And they wake up to do what? What can you do in the middle of the season?

    I'm not really sure what that statement means.

    This team stinks right now. Both lines are terrible, Jacobs is done, the secondary has too many injuries and did you see Ross last night, the guy's running half speed. And they have no linebackers.

    Oh and did anybody notice on one of the many Moreno 10 yard jogs that Osi was blocked completely out of the play by Brandon Marshall - a wide receiver! This team stinks right now and I don't know what they can do to fix it. I did not expect this type of season - very disappointing.

  12. Well, folks, this makes the PSLs and the new stadium all worthwhile, don't it? I haven't been this frustrated as a fan since the Ray Handley era.

  13. What the hell? What happened Last night???? I have to agree with everyone the Line play on both sides of the ball stink right now and I can't help but think both the OC and DC are responsible in someway. What's up with Sheridan? What is he calling? And KG is so inconsistent calling some good games and then having some realy duds. We went 5-0 for godsakes! Coming off a 12-4 season. WTF!!!

  14. OK, 10 days to get it together. Again.

    There's no spark and no leadership from the current group; the game plan has to include the younger players who've been largely ignored to this point:

    This means playing time for Beatty, Sintim, Barden.

    As good as Smith and Manningham have been, Nicks is going to be the best of this group. He's special, and he needs to start now.

    Sit: McKenzie (Beatty), Clark (Sintim).

    This is about the time Boss, Smith and some of the other rookies made an impact in 2007, after we bottomed out against Wash and Minn.

    Also, release Darcy Johnson and bring back Michael Matthews as a better blocking TE. I'm not sure why that switch was made initially, but Matthews was an underrated part of the running game.

    Yes, Tynes still has to go-- again, don't be lured by FG's-- i.e. a 52 yarder in thin air-- IT'S THE KICKOFFS, STUPID. All you had to do was watch Matt Prater-- who I believe at least equaled Tynes' touchback total for the season in one night-- to understand why. Field position, field position, field position.