Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tynes Going Long

The thin air of Denver may be a concern to the coaches and the skill position players. But to Lawrence Tynes, it could be a blessing.

Hey, he might even get the ball to the goal line. As this video shows, he expects to get five to eight yards longer on his kickoffs and field goals. And he speaks from experience, too, as he kicked there three times, for 2004-06, as AFC West divisional foe Kansas City's kicker.

He could use a few good kicks right now. Tom Coughlin's patience has got to be wearing thin with his short-range misses and his failure to get the ball into or, at least near the goal line on kickoffs. He blamed his 31-yard miss against Atlanta on holder Jeff Feagles' ball placement and the fact that he didn't keep his head down on it through the full swing.

"I know what I did wrong," Tynes said. "I'm going to fix it."

Replacing him this week was not an option because of the abnormally short span between games. It's safe to say that he's on a week-to-week basis now. But if Tynes blows another Thursday, Coughlin will have nine days before the next game to mull over a switch. And if that miss costs them a game, as his wide left nearly did Sunday, he may well be out by the time the team boards the plane back home Thursday night.

He's now 21-of-26 in field goals, including two misses in each of the 20-to-29 and 30-to-39-yard ranges. And he's missed two of his last six.



  1. Kicking is such a weird thing. It should be so easy, yet it never is.

  2. If I could punch that MOFO in the face..........ugh, I hate him Ern, I friggin hate him!

  3. If he gets an extra 5 yards, he still would not make it to the 20 yard line!

    I bet you could bring in 5 people off the street who could outkick him on kickoffs, no doubt.

    Go sign Damon Duval from Montreal of the CFL, he's a better option

  4. I still don't understand why they didn't re-sign Carney at the end of last season. Sure his kickoffs were short, but so are Tynes'. At least Carney's kicks were straight down the middle, or 'true blue' as Bob Papa likes to say. Tynes' kicks are almost never down the middle. I really think he has had his chances, and then some. Twice he has been the 'hero' but only because it was necessitated because of an earlier miss!