Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting Pressure On Ryan

Think the defense will try to ratchet up the pass rush against second-year quarterback Matt Ryan this week? The front seven players got a jump on that today, as you'll see in this video, as they hit the sled and worked some snap drills.

They'd do well to get things straightened out up front, considering Ryan is having his problems. He's thrown six interceptions over the past three games, as opposed to three touchdowns. He's only been sacked 12 times in nine games this year, however.

One would think he's taken a step back from last year, when he burst onto the scene and looked like a fully-developed quarterback. But Falcons coach Mike Smith said that's not the case.

"I think his numbers are comparable when you start talking about completion percentage and touchdowns to where they were this time last year," Smith said. "Matt had an outstanding rookie season and playing quarterback in the NFL is one of the most difficult positions there is.

"We know Matt has got to play better. He knows he's got to play better. But there is a learning curve and it's not something that happens in a very short time. It's something you have to experience, and Matt is going through those experiences right now."

Coughlin recognized the strong arm and confident nature, but then brought it all down to reality.

"The guy is in his second year," Coughlin said. "And sure, he's had some issues, but everyone goes through that."

Indeed, a little pressure against a young quarterback going through some tough times could go a long way this week. Especially for a defense struggling to get back on track.


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  1. Love the video, Ernie! Its great to see all of the defensive line practicing! Is this the first game the Giants have had the full slate of defensive linemen (minus Alford)? I'm anxious to see how they use the full crew.