Monday, November 9, 2009

Wilkinson Is Out

Linebacker Gerris Wilkinson, the leading special teams tackler, underwent surgery today to repair a right wrist dislocation suffered during the third quarter.

Wilkinson had one tackle yesterday and 12 on the year. And that's where the oft-injured player may end it, as the recovery time for such surgery runs from six to eight weeks. That means he'd likely see action only for the final two games, or just the playoffs. But chances are the Giants are going to need the roster spot before then, so a trip to the IR would not be out of the question.



  1. Great news. He isn't a special teams dynamo, kehl goff and sinitm are all better. This should end his giant career and a safety or an additional kicker can be signed. Maybe the rookie safety on the practice squad. What's his name Ern?? God'dard???

  2. I think it is the last we will see of this kid. He never really stepped up. He was good on special teams but I think they can replace him easily. I'm all for bringing in punters in the bye week. Feagles has to be shook up a bit!

    The safety position will not move for the rest of the season. CC Brown will not see the field again, barring injuries. If we get Aaron Ross back, it just gives us too many other options. One of the things that has been lost in the analysis of the game is actually how vastly improved the secondary played. Yes, they gave up some balls but they were much, much improved over the other three loses. No looking back now.


  3. the giants can't draft LBs and now they have even more need in this area. Is there anybody out there who thinks Pierce is a starting LB on any other team?