Friday, November 6, 2009

I Hear You

Had some comments about how difficult it is to leave a comment on this blog. I have to admit, I can see where it would get bothersome because the comment space asks you to pick a catagory, and I'm not even sure what some of them mean. I checked the settings, and I'm allowing the maximum unrestricted comments, which include anonymous comments. Obviously, I'd prefer everybody leave a name.

Idea for a solution: For those unable to sign in under their names, would signing in as anonymous and then putting your name at the bottom of the comment be acceptable. A number of commenters do that already, and I think it works well. It's not ideal, but I believe I've done everything I can to loosen up the software.

If anybody has any experience with the software, I'd love to hear a suggestion. But until then, sign in with your name if possible, and if not, then just leave it at the bottom. Believe me when I say I appreciate all the comments and hope they'll increase. Yeah, even the critical ones.



  1. Hey Ernie,
    All a person has to do is:
    "Comment as: Select profile" click on Name/URL and they can put in any name they want and ignore the URL box.
    So if they didn't want to use their real name, instead of being anonymous they could have a regular username so you would get to know them.

  2. You gotta fix this Ern. It's the reason there isn't a ton of comments. Even with the user name it takes two hits to get the comment in. Hire somebody if unwed to Ern. This needs to get fixed. U keep putting up the multidaily updates and this site will blow up. Fix it Ern!

  3. Weird...I've never had a problem.

  4. I beleive in you Ernie


  5. Thanks for trying to fix the comments.

    I have enjoyed following Ernie for several years now and I am glad you have a new forum to continue.

    Question: wHY DONT the giants think about converting one of their several WR to DB like Hagan? Wouldn't it be a blast to see Barden play centerfield on passing downs. Could you image the area he could cover?