Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ross Works With Safeties...

And cornerbacks, too. As I promised, here's some video of Aaron Ross working with the cornerbacks. Tom Coughlin said it's now a matter of moving him along as far as workload. We'll find out later just how much he did, but he appeared to be moving well in the little the media was allowed to see.

"We're just trying to bring him along, give him more opportunities," Coughlin said. "We're trying to take off the straps of any kind of limitations that are there. It's his job to prove to us that there are no limitations. So right now, he's still limited."

It's significant that this was the first time since Kenny Phillips went down that the whole defense was able to practice as an intact unit. Getting Ross back would add a valuable piece to a group that could use a lift right now.

"Obviously, we've had injuries and have had guys we had to get back, and we've gotten them back," Coughlin said. "We're excited about that. Now we need to build some endurance and some opportunities on the practice field to get these guys ready."



  1. Sneaky headline Palladino. Suckered me in.

    You run an excellent blog here. We should get some sort of grass-roots movement going to get you some pub. Maybe some of us can go to other blogs and provide a link or something? The more people that stop by here, the merrier.

    And you know what they say, once you go Ernie ...

  2. based on the comment in the video its just a rumor that he worked with the safeties?

    T2 has looked pretty good. I'd like to see Ross do a little ball-hawk work at safety.

  3. Ernie,

    I love the blogs but the video has to go. You can't make any player out on it and it really adds nothing!

  4. Lol Ern, in the beginning of the video you said Ross was on the ground..I thought he was injured again >< Haha, this is good news though, I'll come off the ledge..

  5. Respectfully disagree with Scott above - i love the videos, even if they are "homegrown" to an extent. It gives a different angle than we get with other blogs. I'm amazed that they let you shoot the video, Ernie. There must be a limited amount of time each day that you can shoot video like that, right?

  6. I disagree with Scott as well. hearing the recap is great, but there's nowhere for fans to really SEE the practices....except here!

    I love the videos and love the commentary so I know what I'm looking at. Keep 'em coming!