Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A New Face

The Giants picked up CB D.J. Johnson from the Broncos' practice squad and put LB Gerris Wilkinson on the IR.

Johnson not only plays defense, but he can play on special teams, too. Not for nothing, but the Giants do play the Broncos in two games, but I don't think that was the primary motivation for the move. They need depth in the backfield, and this kid can provide it until Aaron Ross returns.

Speaking of Ross, we'll be looking very closely at practice to see how much work he's doing. If he's out there participating fully, it could mean we'll see him back in action next week against Atlanta. My guess is they'll start him off slowly, though.

If I see him practicing, though, you will, too. Got the video camera right there.



  1. I think this shows what a poor draft we had for the secondary, we have an undrafted player getting a ton of time and the draftees have been cut or they are not worthy of promotion from the practice squad.
    2009 draft was a bust;in order of draft round; Hicks (solid pick; Sintim; minimal impact thus far, Beatty (has shown signs but may not be an anchor); Barden (not active); Beckum,no factor; Brown (hurt); Bomar; Wright; Woodson (all nothing)

  2. Sounds great Ern, lots of video with ur riveting play by play would be great!!!!!!! Wasn't DJ johnson in camp? If im this shareef kid at safety, im pissed.

  3. ERnie, What happened to Vince Anderson who seemed to have a good camp as well? What is the depth look like at the o-line, are there practice squad players? it doesn't seem like Kareem will make it through the whole season.

  4. Wow, labeling the 2009 draft a bust after 9 games. Is that a record?

    Show me a team in the league that has nine players making an impact on their team from this past draft class. And don't tell me you don't see a lot of promise in Sintim and I believe the other player you meant was Nicks. The two could be starters by next year. But probably should be starting right now.

    Beatty has promise and everyone knew Barden was going to be a work in progress. Beckum is currently a third tight end who has been what you would expect from a third tight end. Brown got hurt so there's nothing you could do.

    Wright was a 7th round pick and Woodson was picked up by the Redskins.

    I think you can even make a case that Nicks could be in the running for rookie of the year. When's the last time the Giants had one of those? LT?

    So in the '09 draft Reese got two (Sintim and Hicks) and possibly three (Beatty) starters. A player that could be a starter in Barden in a year or two and a solid backup in Beckum. That's five players and potentiallt five hits.

    You're always going to get players hurt, there was nothing they could do with Woodson and if you want to say Bomar and Wright have been busts fine. How many teams do better than that in the draft? It's funny no one was talking about the talent on this team the last two and a half years, but now all of a sudden they don't have it?

  5. Nicks has looked fantastic. It seems that drafting WR has become easier as so many of the 1st rounders look good. The Giants have a bad history with 1st rd draft picks so I give Reese an A+ for this one. Sintim will start someday. Beatty, I'm not as sure about. He's good enough. I disagree with the above about Beckum and Brown, these two were reaches already. Beckum cannot block and unless the Giants turn the offense over to somebody else, he'll never be used. Brown was a less than impact back at NC state. One other thing, Barden was a third round pick for a team in desparate need of a WR. I agree about the potential but the jury is still out on him, 3rd round is fairly high. I agree its too early to call the draft a bust, but we had needs in the offseason for secondary, and linebackers and the draft produced only 1 player (Sintim) for these positions.

  6. I agree Wayno, Shareef should be upset. I thought he was supposed to be a steal as an undrafted FA. He has got to be better than Brown. I question the managing of the roster thus far. I do not agree that the '09 draft is a bust, I see promise, but having a potential safety sitting on the practice squad while Brown gets burned upsets me. Give the kid a chance. To this point, I think Beckum is under used. I saw his highlight reel when he was drafted and looks like he has some good talent. Giants are supposed to be a power football team, with Jacobs, Hedgecock, and the o-line. Why doesn't KG use an I-formation with Jacobs and Hedgecock, Boss on the line, Beckum just off the line, and a WR? Beckum has size, decent speed, and decent hands. The opposing D would not know what to expect. I would like to see a lot more of Sintim, even more of Nicks (make him a starter already), and get Barden active over Moss/Hagan. If the gmen lose two of the next three, I want to see the young guys get the playing time. Don't turn into the Mets who did not play their young talent when they had the chance. If the vets can't get it done, try the young guys. If the season is already going down the drain, give experience to the younger guys.