Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Friday! Oops, Nope, It's Wednesday!

But we've still got our Q&A swap with Big Blue View's Ed Valentine. The schedule has forced us into some drastic measures here. But we're a flexible bunch and I think we'll survive moving up the Q&A to Wednesday. Then again, I'm an optimist.

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1. So, you ready to launch Lawrence Tynes yet, or at least after Thanksgiving?

"I WAS ready to launch Tynes after the early miss. I just don't get how a veteran kicker can miss so many easy ones. Then, as he always seems to, he went and made the kick the Giants absolutely had to have. So, I can't crucify him. One of these days Tynes will miss a clutch kick and he will be absolutely killed by the fans. His kickoffs are terrible, worse than I thought, and I don't understand the inconsistency. If the Giants happen to fall out of the playoff picture it might be worthwhile to let Tynes go and bring in a young guy. At the very least, I think you have to bring in real competition for the guy next pre-season."

2. Did the Giants turn the corner with their overtime win against Atlanta?

"I would like to think so, but I'm not ready to go there yet. Heading to Denver for a short week like this is brutal, but it is a very winnable game with the Broncos pretty much imploding, and it is a game the Giants absolutely have to win. If they do that, then maybe I will say they have turned a corner. Not yet."

3. Though Chase Blackburn did a credible job filling in for Antonio Pierce at MLB, is he a long-term answer there?

"I love Blackburn, but I am not convinced. I saw him get physically dominated too many times while playing the middle in pre-season. I do think it is very possible that someone other than Pierce will be playing the middle in 2010. I would not be shocked, though, if that someone turns out to be Jonathan Goff. Or, someone not on the roster right now."

4. Now that Aaron Ross has taken some playing time at safety, would you start him there?

"Not yet. I actually think Aaron RouseRoss combines to make a pretty good safety. Rouse is pretty active in the run game, provided he doesn't overrun plays. Ross is probably better in pass coverage, so I think there is a way to work both into the mix. To tell the truth, the safety I worry about the most these days in Michael Johnson. The Giants like to use him as a hybrid linebacker in the nickel, and that scares me because he seems to whiff or run himself out of position too often in run support. And, at best, he is a so-so pass defender. Long-term, I think Johnson might end up the odd man out in the safety picture."

What do you think?



  1. It seems like it is to late to try and get a kicker that is much better than Tynes. Frankly I was surprised he was still on the team this year. He is not reliable on field goals and his kick offs are short and low which equals bad.
    I am not sure why Goff or Sintim are not getting more reps. Despite Boley the linebackers were not good last week and are part of the problem not solution. What is your evaluation of Goff and Sintim?

  2. I wish Goff got more reps. He has been a good special teamer. If I saw Lawrence Tynes on the street I might Clausen him.

    Ern, as is typical Ed has been late to post ur comments. So whenever he gets around to putting ur answers up, I will comment. I can't wait to see where u are on Tynes and if u say "he never misses the big one" I might hit my computer screen.

  3. Ernie, I read your answers on Big Blue View. I agree witht the assessment on Blackburn, as I have been impressed with some big plays he has turned out. I remember a huge 4th down stop of Westbrook last year. Pierce may be on the decline and I would love to see the Giants get a good middle linebacker. At the beginning of the season, I know that Ruud, MLB on the Bucs, did not receive a contract extension. What's the possibility of getting such a veteran in the offseason? Not that I am looking to next season already, but middle backer is usually the QB of the defense and we need a good one. So, it is a cause of concern. My verdict on Goff will be out until he gets a serious look at the mike position. In the mean time, I do feel Blackburn will get the job done.