Sunday, November 22, 2009


Just thought I'd make the postgame stats available to you guys. Here they are, courtesy of And here's the game notes from Mike Eisen at

Also, after further review -- and a little nudge from a commenter -- I may have shortchanged Michael Boley on the game he had. I still stand by my statement that he should have knocked down the game-tying touchdown throw to Tony Gonzalez. But he did lead the team in tackles with 13, and he had a sack, two tackles for losses, and two quarterback hits. So, like, good job Michael. I'm sure he'll sleep better tonight knowing I've changed my mind about him.

Also, someone commented that they saw Diehl return to the game. I didn't notice that, but I'll take your word for it until I can get confirmation through a tape or something.



  1. Ernie, give Tony G. some credit. He is a Hall of Fame player and he made a Hall of Fame play in the face of a double team. I mean, the guy is the best pass-catching tight end to ever play. Boley isn't the first guy who hasn't been able to stop him.

  2. "I mean, the guy is the best pass-catching tight end to ever play."
    - I'd still take Bavaro over him any day!

  3. Ernie,

    Just a couple of quick things. Diehl did return to the game. They showed it on TV. He only missed a play or two.

    The other problem I have, and I know this was a season-saving win, but what happened to this defense? I love the Giants and I love football and I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on both, but I can't figure out what's going on with that group.

    Their last two games they blew late leads where the game should have been over. Chase actually played pretty well, so I don't think the loss of Pierce had that much effect. They got back Ross, but it didn't matter.

    I guess it's two things: first, why do they play so well in the first half then the second they can't stop the Falcons? No adjustments? And you can't fault the defense for not being aggressive. They blitzed a lot during the game.

    The next thing - where is Kevin Dockery? Did I miss something? Wasn't he our nickle or dime DB - and a pretty good one at that? The safeties obviously have struggled, but you can't send out a guy like Bruce Johnson - an undrafted rookie FA and hope he can cover anybody.

    So, my question is - Why does this defense struggle so much and where is Dockery?

  4. I'm sure Lawrence Tynes is a lovely fellow, but enough already. And it has little to do with FG/ PAT's.

    Critically, he can't reach the endzone on kickoffs-- in baseball terms, he has warning track power.

    ATL drive starts off Tynes kickoffs:

    1st qtr (into wind): Atl. 35 yd line (td drive);
    2nd qtr (WITH wind): Atl. 40 (missed fg); Atl. 28 (end of half);
    3rd qtr (WITH wind): Atl. 37 (td); Atl. 23 (fg);
    4TH qtr (into wind): Atl 35 (td)

    Effectively, we're giving the opponent the equivalent of 1 or 2 first downs BEFORE THE DRIVE EVEN STARTS.


  5. Following up on Sec. 128, if Tynes can't reach the endzone, and that was the main problem with Carney, why in the world did the Giants not re-sign Carney? He went to the Pro Bowl! Do you remember last year, watching almost every one of his field goals go straight down the middle (playoffs as an exception)? Every time Tynes goes up there, I cringe. Even when he makes one, it barely goes in. I just don't understand why they let Carney go. He seems to be doing just fine for the Saints this year!

    BUT, can't do anything about losing Carney now. They CAN do something about finding a more reliable kicker, and they should do it, before they really get burned. I don't care that he made that game winner yesterday. They were in that spot partly because he missed a 30 yard FG earlier in the game.

  6. I understand your frustrations with Tynes, but is he the major problem on this team?

    And they let go of Carney because come November he can't kick a field goal beyond 40 yards outdoors. I'm not saying Tynes is good, but who do you want? They had tryouts a few weeks ago and the team kept Tynes, so obviously he was the best one.

    He's a middle of the road kicker who has no depth on his kickoffs. Who do you want? Jason Elam? He's missed six field goals already for Atlanta. Go to field goal stats - Tynes 80.6 percent is right in the middle. I agree kickoffs are a problem, but who are you going to get?

  7. I agree with above...let's get rid of Tynes! Even after making the kick that got them in the Super bowl I thought they can't keep this guy...does anyone remember he missed two kicks before! He is just to inconsistent! I can't believe that he the Giants signed him to a long term deal. This offseason new kicker please!

    Also it's about time! Get Boss more involved! Where were the tight ends all this time??? Why aren't they involved more!! Boss is a great route runner with soft hands...WTF??? What's KG thinking?? Boss should be more involved with the offense and KG should call his number more!