Monday, December 28, 2009

And One More Thing

For all those rooting for Carolina coach John Fox to come back here as defensive coordinator after he gets fired, forget it.

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that both Fox and GM Marty Hurney will be given the opportunity to return next season. That's the final season of Fox' contract, and he won't be given the customary extension at the end of this season. But it doesn't look like he's going anyplace, either, especially with a potential lockout after the 2010 season.

No sense in hiring a new guy for one year and then having to pay him to sit idle for the next, right?



  1. Whatever, no biggie. There are plenty ofnames out there.

  2. I loved fox when he was here! Too bad but glad he has another chance in Carolina. He deserves it.

  3. Kinda ironic that our bad playing saved the job of someone people wanted as a DC haha

  4. I don't think Fox would have gone for the DC job anyway. Once you're a head coach for that long, jumping at the first Coordinator job that comes up smacks of desperation. They all seem to go to ESPN for a year now and wait to get re-hired.

  5. Agree with what you all said about Fox. It is too bad though, I really thought he was a good DC.

    Now about the Giants. Here is my five-step plan to remedy this team for next season:

    1. A new DC. Sheridan obviously didn't keep the same scheme as Spags. It's not all his fault, but he has to take the blame. There was too much miscommunication on this defense throughout the season.
    2. A good safety. I'm hoping Kenny Phillips makes a full recovery for next year, but even if he does the Giants need another safety. I know people were blaming the secondary as a whole, but I don't know if Webster and Ross ever played opposite each other the entire year? Our rookie FA Bruce Johnson did admirably well and Terell Thomas definitely showed promise in his second year. The problem was the safeties didn't offer any protection over the top and missed too many tackles at the line. Brown, Rouse, Johnson were terrible.
    3. A D-linemen. Hopefully Alford comes back healthy next year, and obviously Bernard was a complete bust. Robbins and Cofield were nonexistent. I don't want to give up on Osi yet, and Kiwi is solid. But they need a third linmen. Someone who could provide a push up the middle.
    4. O-linemen. The O-line definitely took a step back this year and McKenzie and Seubert aren't entering their primes anymore -- they're leaving them. Boothe and Beatty showed promise, but they need some depth behind them.
    5. A running back. I was totally disheartened with Jacobs' play. He may be done. Running back always seems lke an easy position to come right out of college and play. And you don't need to spend a high pick on one. A third rounder, maybe even a Day Two pick.

    I think if the Giants fill those needs they should be OK for next year. I know some people mentioned linebacker, but I'm not ready to give up on the trio of Boley, Goff and Sintim for next year. Maybe depth at that position, but I think those three could definitely be an above average group. And if they fill the line and safety issue the defense should be solid.

  6. Ernie, who do you think is available for the DC position? Also, is Gilbride going to be around for another year, given Eli throwing for career highs and the offense playing better the past few games?

  7. Remember, the Giants drafted a running back that went on injured reserve early in the year - Andre Brown. It will be interesting to see how he does. I agree - Jacobs took a huge step backward this year.

    I'm also interested to see how Barden does. I wish they would have found room for him on the active roster this year. Seems like a waste to put him on the shelf each week.