Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Only One Pro Bowler

Center Shaun O'Hara was named as a backup to starting center Andre Gurode of the Cowboys on the NFC Pro Bowl squad, as announced a few minutes ago by the NFL.

WR Steve Smith, LT David Diehl and RG Chris Snee were voted first alternates. Kick returner Domenik Hixon and defensive end Justin Tuck were voted as third alternates, and Eli Manning, coming off his best statistical season, was voted a fourth alternate. They'll go if anybody backs out.

I can understand some people getting upset that Smith didn't make it. But let's face it, Giants receivers have never put up big numbers. And when you've got guys like Larry Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson, and Sidney Rice as the top three, it probably came down to a close vote between Smith and the Cowboys' Miles Austin, and Austin squeaked in there.

As for Manning, the three who made it were Drew Brees, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers. Hard to argue with that, especially since they stand Nos. 1, 3, and 4 among league passers.

As for Tuck, he paid the price for the entire defense's failings.




  1. So if you're a fourth alternate does that mean there are three other alternates ahead of you? I'm a little confused on that.

    And the Giants can't complain. Listen, I don't think Austin or Rice are that good. I would still probably take Steve Smith, but look at the teams those two play for.

    And I bet Eli would move ahead of Favre if the voting was down after the regular season concluded because as we can see Brett doesn't really excel in the month of December.

    And speaking of the Vikings, Ernie what do you think: Will this team show up on Sunday? Or will they just roll over? I'm curious to see if they play with any heart or if they are going to mail it in.

  2. Steve Smith didn't deserve a pro bowl nod. He was not nearly as dynamic and game changing as the other recievers. Tuck deserves it but paid a price for being on one of the all time worst defenses in Giants history. Ohara Snee and Diehl all didn't deserve to go and had subpar seasons. Snee and ohara had many uncharacteristic penalties and routinely couldn't run block especially in short yardage. Am I missing something with Diehl as first alternate??? Are the LT in the NFC that bad? He is a good football player and well worth the $$ investment the team has made but is better suited for guard and not a dominant run blocker and a halfway decent pass blocker. Not a pro bowler.

  3. The Pro Bowl ceased to have any meaning years ago. Scrubs regularly get voted in by fanboys who have nothing better to do than to submit thousands of ballots from their basement computer. Remember Roy Williams got voted in when he was with Dallas and all he ever did was horse collar opposing players. That said, if it was a legitimate honor, I'm not sure that any Giant player really deserved it this year. Too many games where the team just didn't show up. Besides, given all the injuries this year, NY doesn't need to take the chance that another player gets hurt in an absolutely meaningless game. This team needs a long offseason to heal.

  4. smith deserves it .dynamic!!!!how about production his is better then austins and rice's. favre is doing his usual december swoon. who cares the whole pro bowl game is a joke.....

  5. Who cares. The team was not a Giants team this year. They had no heart. No ability to get it done when they needed to. Individual awards are for losers to debate after they have been eliminated.

  6. Ernie,

    "Bad season's define good fans". I love this quote. It applies to this year. If 8-8 is a bad year, then we are pretty lucky.

    Chris B.

  7. Seriously, nobody thinks it a little strange that David Diehl just missed the pro bowl????? If that is a pro bowl LT maybe I went into the wrong line of work.

  8. I'd love to hear who Wayno thinks deserves to go from the LT spot. Are you pushing for Flozell?

    And yeah you probably went into the wrong profession -- I'm sure you could protect Eli's blindside no problem.

    McKinnie is on the first team and the guy has been embarrassed the last few weeks. So, who would you want to have as an alternate instead of Diehl?

    The guy from the Saints who can't block anybody? To be fair, the Giants go up against some of the top pressure defenses and pass rushers in the NFL with Ware and Cole and the Redskins, Eagles and Dallas defenses. And Manning is always near the bottom in taking sacks.

  9. There are plenty of right tackles in the NFC better than Diehl. I like him but pro bowl??? And Eli doesnt take sacks mostly because he is ELI.

  10. If the Saints, Vikings, or Packers are in the superbowl, we will see Eli playing in Miami the week before.

    And Smith definitely deserved it, but I understand why it didn't get in.