Saturday, December 12, 2009

Steve Smith

Wanted to share this video with you guys yesterday, but the server had problems again. So I figured out this method with help from my gal Patti at Inside Football.

You remember we talked about Smith as a potential Pro Bowl receiver because of his receptions and ability to get open. But we didn't talk about his route-running ability. He came into the league as one of the best route-runners in college, and he continues to show tremendous ability in that area. So here's a few minutes of Smith talking about what sets him apart from others.


  1. EP,
    This video won't play for me...
    It says "it's a private video..."
    Can you please repost

  2. Yeah same here, can't get the video to work.

  3. Guys:

    I switched the designation on the video. Try it now.

  4. Works great now EP, thanks for sharing the video.