Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mark Ingram And The Heisman

Mark Ingram -- Alabama running back -- won the Heisman Trophy tonight as the nation's best collegiate football player. You may remember his old man, also Mark Ingram. He played wide receiver for the Giants from 1987-92, and is best known for making a key first down in the 20-19 Super Bowl XXV victory over Buffalo in the 1990 season.

Too bad the senior Ingram couldn't be in New York to see his kid become Alabama's first Heisman Trophy winner in its storied history. He's in the midst of a 92-month sentence on a federal money laundering and bank fraud conviction.



  1. I bet papa Ingram must be smiling. Personal troubles aside, I think every giants fan that watched him take that short crossing route, break several tackles and amazingly get those 17 yards to keep the drive going feels good for both him and his boy.

  2. Ingram made one of the best plays in Super Bowl history but it's never talked about.

    Don't get me wrong, there are others - most recently you have Tyree's catch and Santonio Holmes catch. And you have the Rams defensive play against the Titans. There are a few other memorable ones, but that Ingram one is never really mentioned. I know the missed field goal is the big clip from that game, but what a play by Ingram.

    It was just an incredible play - athletic, tough, just great.

  3. What a bum off the field. He passed hundreds of bad checks and missed morst of his court dates. Just think he coulda he just worked an honest few years when he realized his son was special he woulda been a millionaire again. Whatta moron. Great play I
    wil always be thankful for but really, whatta jack off.