Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now It's Canty

The hits just keep coming for the Giants. Now it's Chris Canty, who left the locker room on crutches because he injured what is believed to be a right MCL near the end of practice.

Canty missed seven games with a hamstring and then a calf issue following a brief appearance in the opener. He was to undergo testing.

The frustration continues for Canty.

"You know, I don't want to talk about it," Canty said. "We'll have the doctors take a look at it and take it from there."

Whatever happens, it's a good bet Canty won't be there for the finale on Sunday.



  1. Shocking! (meant with major sarcasm)

  2. With the way the season has been going I am not surprised. From 5-0 to 8-8 ( Most likely loosing to Minnesota)...such a steap fall.

    Though I am optimistic for next year. I can't believe we'll have a repeat. I know their is another SuperBowl in this group!

  3. olmackie says ... You know what everyone ... Canty was never in Dallas and he's never been here either ... I never understood the signing ... and then I thought maybe he was signed for his height because he never hurt the Giants as a cowboy ... but he sure hurt them this year ... Get rid of this fat cat ...

  4. Ah, he played every game for Dallas in the four years he was there.

    Here is where, as a player, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Let's give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he played this year with one leg. Sure he wasn't as good - but he tried. He was out there and I respect that.

    I want Canty back. That wasn't a bad signing. Have some faith in Reese and Canty. If he is healthy next year he is part of the solution. Good or Bad signings are not predicated on if the guy gets injured in camp. PLEASE.

    Chris B.

  5. The uncapped season should be used to eat contracts like his, Bernard and a few others.

  6. I would like to see Canty back. He's only 27. And in his three years in Dallas he avaraged about three sacks a season, played every game and average about 1.5 tackles a game. Not great, but OK.

    Maybe they over paid for him, but he was playing end in a 3-4. This year he only played five games had .5 sack and eight tackles. A terrible season, but I wouldn't run him out just yet.

    Now Rocky, I agree with. And I think that's what's going to happen. All these bad contract players will be let go. I don't know what Ernie thinks, but I can see Albert Haynesworth being let go if next year is uncapped. That is a terrible contract.