Sunday, December 27, 2009

Notes and stats

Here are the notes from Mike Eisen at and the stats package from

Read them if you dare.



  1. osi is upset . whiptydoo. he is stellar against the run.

    that was more embarassing against the shutout loss to carolina in the playoffs, that team was good. this is the softest giant team in a long long time. usually they are offensively challenged this team is soft and inept.

  2. why is madison hedgecock on the team? he cost them 2 touchdowns. are the giants coach's in the dark ages? is alex webster coming in to play...

    this is a team of big talkers and they have zero playmakers on defense. imagine that zero playmakers on the whole defensive side of the ball.. adios to; bernard, clark, pierce, feagles, hedgecock, robbins,umenyiora to start. canty stinks also.

    the big back is all talk he stinks, bradshaw, manning, steve smith, nicks,tuck(1 arm), are about all the players that deserve kudos. the rest of this team is very unlikeable... umenyiora really that stupid? the guy played worse then tolleson...........

  3. And in half an hour we are out of the playoffs officially. Thank god.....