Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hey, our video's back!

Here's Terrell Thomas. I understand he needs to put up a good face on all this, but if you listen closely, you might find yourself wondering what games he's been playing in.

We'll take him at his word that the problems in the secondary are fixed, or at least improving. I just have a hard time accepting it after watching Tony Romo cut it up for 392 yards last week.

By the way, here's a good stat courtesy of my friend, Patti Traina, at Inside Football. In eight of the Giants' 12 games, the opponents' leading receiver has been the tight end. Approximately 44 percent of the opposing passing yards in those eight games were surrendered to tight ends.

Patti's going to have a bunch more stats that you won't find anywhere else, so give her a visit.



  1. From his standpoint everything is fine because he is the BEST CB oon the team and has played well most of the year.

  2. So true. He's actually played pretty well this year. I don't understand what has happened to Webster though.

    And Bruce Johnson gets more playing time than Kevin Dockery? I don't get that. How is he your third CB?