Monday, December 28, 2009

Jacobs Knee

Looks like Brandon Jacobs is battling a knee problem now.

That could be one excuse for his six-carry, one-yard effort against the Panthers. Another could be the offensive line's utter inability to keep the Panthers' front from penetrating. Whatever the case, the 6-foot-4, 264-pound running back who has shown the power of a battering ram and the delicateness of a capodimonte statuette, is hurting once again.

"He's sore and his knee is swollen," Coughlin said. "I hope it's something he can overcome in a week's time. He's had some issues along the way he's had to deal with."

If he can't make it, this will mark the fourth season in a row he's failed to suit up for all 16 games. It was a goal of his in training camp to last the full season.

CB Corey Webster (knee), T Kareem McKenzie (knee), G Rich Seubert (knee), and CB Aaron Ross (hamstring) also remain uncertain for Sunday. Webster, in particular, has swelling around the knee that has not subsided over the past week.

"They all want to play," Coughlin said. "They're all trying like heck to play. But they all still have medical issues. We'll see. They want to practice, they want to be involved. But there are still some issues."



  1. Jacobs has been a Giant disappointment this season... No leadership, sorry production... and just runs his mouth.
    We need another back in the mix next season... and I don't mean DJ or Danny or whatever the Hell he calls himself!

  2. Ya Ern! This is content!

    On Jacobs. Let's be honest, the line is part the problem and KG running out wide is the other part. It makes sense he is banged up.

    I think the Giants O line took a big step back this year. After being a force for so long they had a bad year for their standards. Looks like they may have to make some changes, I don't know. All I know is that BJ running poorly was never 100% his issue...

    Chris B.

  3. Why play any one that's hurt for a completely meaningless game? Let all of the injured guys start their summer early and put Carr in for Eli. No sense in getting Eli hurt for no reason.