Sunday, December 20, 2009

Clear Road

The task ahead is pretty clear now, thanks to Dallas' unlikely 24-17 win over New Orleans last night. The Giants must keep winning to stay within shooting distance of both the Cowboys and Eagles, one of whom will fall on the final day of the season because they play each other.

If the Eagles beat the 49ers today, and the Giants lose to Washington tomorrow night, we can pretty much start writing end-of-season obits because it'll take a miracle for them to finish in a tie with either team. So the Giants go into FedEx Field knowing full well the implications of a bad performance, or even a good one that falls just short.

Here are the Cowboys-Saints highlights for your pre-football Sunday pleasure, or whatever.

Enjoy the games today. If you can!



  1. I am so sick of these anti competitive jack asses at the cable company cartels. A friggin foot of snow on the ground and I pay over 200 bucks a month and counting to these jerks and can't watch the football game. I go out and it took 5 legit bars to find the game and by that point it is 21-3. We have to let our politicians know this cartel commie behavior is unacceptable in a country that prides itself on free markets,

  2. I know how you feel Wayno2424! That's why I canceled my cable and live off of OTA and the web! Charging over a 100 bucks a month for cable is bogus! But the politicians aren't going to do anything about it because the cable companies are to strong and their lobbying wing is to powerful!

    But go Giants and they better beat the Skins!!

  3. Webster and McKenzie are out. Ross is questionable. Our weak defense just got weaker. If Ross can't go we are in deep trouble.

    Beatty will go against a good Redskin line. He got blown off the ball a few times against the Eagles. Time to grow up Will and show them what you got.

    The deck is certainly stacked against the Giants these days. It would be a good time to show some resilence!

    Chris B.

  4. The Giants have had their backs to the wall before - and failed. This is a coach-free team and a gutless team. The coaches are clueless and too many of the (overpaid) players have been mailing it in all season.

  5. I know some people don't want to talk about playoffs right now, but that loss by the Packers is huge for the Giants.

    And I believe (Ernie, correct me if I'm wrong), but if (and this is a big if) the Giants win out and finish at 10-6, and either the Packers or Cowboys lose 1 game the Giants make the playoffs.

    As we all know the Giants have the tiebreaker against the Cowboys and I believe they would have the same against the Packers. The Giants beat the Cowboys twice and didn't play the Packers this year. If Green Bay loses one more game and the Giants win out both teams would have the same conference record. Then it goes to common oppenents.

    Now follow me on this - the minimum is four common opponents - the Packers played the Vikings (twice), Dallas, Tampa and Arizona. The Packers are a combined 1-3 against those teams (they play Arizona in the final game). The Giants are 3-1 (they play Minnesota in the final game).

    And we have to assume the Giants win out to have any shot, so that would make them 4-1 in common opponents. Now I'm not saying it's a lock, but instead of just hoping the Cowboys lose, the Giants can also root against Green Bay. At least it increases the odds this "team" has of making the playoffs.

    I know some people don't want them to make the playoffs, but come on - don't you want to have the chance of knocking Philly or Dallas out of the playoffs?

    That 2007 season was made long before the Giants won the Super Bowl:

    Two tickets to a playoff game - $250
    Price of roundtrip air fare - $1,000
    Hotel room for two nights - $300
    The picture of Jerry Jones standing on the sideline - expressionless - as the clock struck zero - Priceless.