Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tight Ends, Again

Just wanted to backtrack a little to that post on the tight ends. We got a chance to ask defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan and linebacker Michael Boley about why opposing tight ends are having such success against the Giants.

Here are their thoughts. Kind of interesting to hear Sheridan admit his linebackers aren't great at covering the tight end, though your eyes could have told you that much, anyway.

This week's tight end, Brent Celek, has a team-high 56 catches for 617 yards and six touchdowns. He had four catches for 61 yards and a touchdown the first go-around.


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  1. I think this comes down to (1) no Kenny Phillips and a beat up M. Johnson (2) An enormous lack of speed at our LB spot (Clark, Pierce, Blackburn) and something rarely mentioned in this TE topic: (3) the caliber of TEs that we've faced. Witten twice, Cooley, Celek, Scheffler, Tony Gonzalez, Gates, Shockey.....these are all Pro-Bowl level TEs and big receiving TEs. MOST teams would have trouble containing them.