Friday, December 11, 2009

Nice Read For A Friday Morning

Thought you might appreciate a good story with your Friday joe, so here it is. My friend Patti over at Inside Football writes about Aaron Rouse, the man. Very interesting and inspirational.

Enjoy. And then leave a comment on Patti's blog. Tell her Ernie sent you.



  1. Nice Story Patti but a few things crossed my mind as I read this article. Of course he has to tatoo his wisdom on his body which to me shows no wisdom. No surprise he is a father at such a young age with such a hard upbringing but Jeez, I am glad I dont have any kids and I aint making what hes making. His old lady is left in Wisconsin this winter as he gets some prime time NYC tail. And finally, better start making some plays or u will have to break out ur grandpappy's lawnmower this offseason.

  2. wayne nice compassionate comments.. everyone has different options and do not judge when you are not familiar with his circumstances. i am sure the tough streets of wayne and summers at sleepaway camp did not give you a leg up on others.......

  3. Tatoo = no wisdom. Great presumption for life. Let me know how far that gets ya.

    Was a great read Ernie. Thanks for linking up her blog. Not the same direct info and insight as you, but she has some GREAT tidbits and stats over there.

  4. ggggg-men, Patti writes for Inside Football, which is a very insightful publication for true fans who want the nitty gritty. I've been a subscriber for about six years and it's well worth the price and far betetr than the other crap out there. Just one man's opinion.