Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jacobs Done

That right knee injury Brandon Jacobs battled for much of the season turned serious enough over the past week to end his season.

According to Tom Coughlin a few minutes ago, Jacobs will undergo arthroscopic surgery next week, which means he's out for Sunday's finale. This makes the fourth straight season Jacobs has failed to last all 16 games.

"Brandon's always had some issues," Coughlin said, referring to an uncertain timeline on this particular injury and its effect on a sub-par season. "But he wouldn't use it as an excuse, and neither will I."
Jacobs finished his season with 224 carries for 835 yards and five touchdowns. Far worse than those numbers is the average breakdown, which comes to 3.7 yards per carry. That's a huge dropoff from the 5.0 average of his previous two seasons, and the 4.7 career average he brought into 2009.
He failed to have a 100-yard game, and only four times did he carry 20 times or more in a game. He went out with a dismal six-carry, one-yard effort against Carolina.

Coughlin said he hasn't decided on placing Jacobs on injured reserve to free up a spot for another running back, perhaps Nehemiah Broughton from the practice squad. But he did say Ahmad Bradshaw, still struggling with two ankle sprains and a broken fifth right metatarsal, won't be able to shoulder a full workload. So either DJ Ware or Gartrell Johnson will have to step up.

And by Coughlin's comments, one can assume it will be Johnson.

"Of course, Ware had that unfortunate incident (dislocated elbow) at the very beginning of the season," Coughlin said. "He came back and got nicked again. And to be honest, on special teams, when he was back, he didn't do much. He didn't provide us with a lot.

"Gartrell would give us a chance. He flies around. So with Danny, we're trying to make him understand a lot of things about consistency and what our expectations are no matter what spot we're in. Hopefully, he's going to learn that."

This is the second straight year Jacobs will miss time because of a knee issue. And all Coughlin can do is hope the scope will fix it permanently. One can doubt that, however, since Jacobs' usual, pounding running style opens him up to lower leg injury.

Even the decision to run him outside this year didn't produce season-long durability.

In other injury news, T Kareem McKenzie (knee), CB Corey Webster (knee), and CB Aaron Ross (hamstring) did not practice. G Rich Seubert (knee) was scheduled to participate in some individual and team drills, but was to be limited.



  1. You heard it here first! It will be a win for Minnesota. A much needed win at that to secure the second seed from Philly.

  2. If Jacobs was hurt all season as it is now being reported...why wasn't he on the injury list every week as Manning was with his plantar facsiitis? Seems a bit unusual. Is that a way of telling fans that was why he had a sub par season? He has never remained healthy. Now may be the time to cut him and not have the salary cap ramification because we are entering an uncapped season. There are some other players who could fall into that group as well.

  3. Wow, did Ware fall from TC's graces, or what? I think someone may have played their last game in a Big Blue Jersey. For Jacob's sake, I hope the doctor can make him stronger, faster, better than this current version. We will need him next year. Should have a good rb unit next year, if we get a healthy Jacobs, Bradshaw, and rookie, who didn't have a rookie year, Brown. I do not think they really need to go and draft a RB this year, unless they get that gem in the later rounds. Focus on defense! I believe, if the right moves can be made, this is going to be the team to beat next year!!

  4. To CE718... I wish I could share your optimism.
    We could move Beatty to LT and then slide Diehl to LG where he belongs. Get a veteran RT or draft one. We need another RB, not sure about Jacobs, We need DT's badly..couldn't stop the run at the point of attack and had no pass rush from the middle. That is why our DE's were so innefective. We need 2 athletic, tough LB's, Safety depth and Tynes to be replaced, more for his lack of depth on kickoffs. That seems like a lot to me. We may be 2 years away.

  5. Mitch, I agree with your take on the O-line. Would also like to start grooming a center within the next 2 years, just because our only Pro Bowler isn't getting younger. I can see why you and others think getting another RB is needed. Bradshaw is set and I think a healthy Jacobs could get to see a 4.0 rush avg again. He is still sub-30 by 3 years. I just wouldn't spend a high draft pick on a RB, cause like you said, we need DTs, LBs, S, and OL. I think MLB should be number 1 on list of necessities. Goff showed raw talent, but I am not sold yet. I think the MLB from Tampa, Ruud, is a free agent this year (restricted if uncapped year) and he would be a solid pick-up. Has 90+ tackles this year and last. I want someone there with experience, due to the caliber of the NFC East.

    I think this was the rebuilding year and next year, as I said with the right pieces in place, we could win and win big! I may be optimistic, but that is a change for me, given my pessimism the past 4 weeks. This team has the talent and ability to be very dangerous.

  6. Everyone I hear seems to think that Andre Brown will be a very good back in this league. I hope so, because that would eliminate a need. I agree 100% about a MLB. Pierce was a fiery leader but age has crept up on him. I'm hoping Kenny Phillips can make a full recovery...he seems like a difference maker on the field. We missed him this season for sure.

  7. Wasn't there a report in Week 3 of this season that Phillips' knee could be potentially career ending?

  8. So if it takes two yrs to fully heal from a knee surgery, does that mean the Giants will have to get another (starting) RB for next season? This of course is including Bradshaw if he opts for surgery as well.

    Man, we went from surplus to deficit in one yr with all these injuries.

  9. I think it is conspiracy by Philadelphia, given the injuries in 2009 to the Giants players and Mets players!

  10. I want Canty back - and it wasn't a bad signing at all. BTW, he played all games in the 4 seasons he was with Dallas.

    Here is a situation, as a player, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. The guy played on one leg, but he got out there and played. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

    A signing success is not predicated on if the guy gets injured in camp. PLEASE. Let's give him the off-season to get healthy and get him back. He will be part of the solution, beleive me.

    Chris B.