Monday, December 14, 2009

More Stuff

In case you couldn't get enough of that 45-38 loss last night, here are the links to Mike Eisen's notes on and the full stats package.

View at your own peril.



  1. Hey Ernie,

    For everything that went wrong last night, please at least give Eli an "A" in your grading. Even with the fumbles, he was great last night.

  2. Is Sam Madison still available to play? I think a chair would do a better job than Michael Johnson, just a chair that might occassionally interrupt a pattern, that might work better.

  3. Give Goff a good grade for his effort, as well as Kiwi and Tuck, who play their hearts out. I would give a nice grade to the O-line, especially Beatty who stepped in and performed.

    I would fault MJ, for his botched coverage, and Sheridan for asking a guy coming off a groin injury to cover the leagues toughest big play threat.

    You've got to question the special teams action this week, terrible punt and kick coverage and terrible kickoffs, yet again.

  4. Ernie,

    What are the giants stats for the year in regards to 3 and outs? This defense seems to loose steam whenever an opponent gets 2 first downs on them, it just seems that once they get a few first downs, they're going to score.

    Gano, who we brought in for a tryout, hooked on with the Redskins and nearly every kickoff made it into the endzone, nearly every one. Tynes cannot get the ball past the 10 yard line. DO the math, kicking off from the 30, landing on the 10, that's a 60 yard distance. This is not much farther than a punter gets, can we punt the kickoffs instead? What an abysmal attempt at the onsides kick, it never bounced up, just went right out of bounds.

    I agree with the one post about Manningham, they give him half a field to work with and what does he do, he takes a sliver of the endzone, I sure miss Plaxico