Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Sock In Sacks

The Giants are ranked 18th in the league in sacks, and Justin Tuck told the Washington media today that if the Giants expect to advance into the postseason, things had better improve, pronto.

"I am biased because I know for a fact the offenses are doing a great job of max protecting," Tuck said. "We have had quarterbacks that made an emphasis of getting the ball out of their hands early. Things like that, which shortens up their routes.

"The fact of the matter is we haven’t gotten the job done up front. What the reason is, I can’t pin-point it, but we just have to get a way to get the pressure back because that takes a lot of pressure off our secondary or our linebackers in coverage and things like that. We have to do a better job, point blank."

The Giants' defense presents a major contrast to the Redskins', even though the Giants are three games better in the won-loss record. The Redskins, with the league's third-best pass rush, have sacked quarterbacks 36 times, while the Giants have just 26 sacks.

That wouldn't be a problem if whatever pressure the Giants did exert caused turnovers instead of sacks. In fact, it would be preferable. But that's not happening, either. The Giants were minus-3 last week against Philadelphia, and they're minus-4 for the season, ranking them 23rd.


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