Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing Eli

Had some pretty good opinions both ways on whether the Giants should continue to play Eli Manning in Sunday's meaningless game. Remember, he is playing with an injured foot that has kept him on the injury list as probable since he originally hurt it against Kansas City.

Well, no matter what anyone thinks, it's a sure thing Manning will start. And neither coach nor quarterback would have it any other way.

"If we felt – the medical people felt that there was an issue there with risk, then we would certainly take that into full consideration," Tom Coughlin said. "But I would say this to you, if you were to speak with Eli Manning about not playing in the game, that would not be a very pleasant conversation."

Would have loved it if Coughlin channeled Herm Edwards on that one. "You play to win! YOU-PLAY-TO-WIN!"

Said Manning, "No, that wouldn’t be a good conversation. I definitely want to play and play well.

"We still have some young guys on this team. There are things we need to improve on and fix after last week. We are trying to fix those things and make sure we get better this week."

So expect him out there, at least at the start. If things get out of hand early, then maybe a glimpse of David Carr wouldn't be outlandish in the second half.



  1. Of course you play Eli. What does playing Carr do for you?

    I think this game is big for the players. They want to get out there again. No one wants to end the way they played against Carolina.

    I expect to see a good game out of the G-Men. Not saying a win because my confidence in the D is as low as it has ever been. However, I don't thing they roll over. I pray they don't roll over. I have faith they won't roll over.

    Chris B.

  2. Unpleasant conversation? Like the one Bradshaw got earlier this year after a blown assignment? Eli is finally getting firey. I like it!