Monday, December 28, 2009

Asking A Question

In the spirit of the day, I want to know your opinion on something.

What was a worse loss, "The Fumble" in 1978 or yesterday's 41-9 mess against Carolina.

Give me your reasons. And while you're at it, if you wish, you can rank it historically among both home, road, Giants Stadium, Yankee Stadium, and Polo Grounds losses.



  1. I'm going to say this was the worse loss than the fumble. Mainly because I wasn't born yet for the fumble. But evenif I was I would still say yesterday. Because as bad as that fumble was it was a stupid mistake. Mistakes happen, yesterday was brutal because they just didn't care.

    Where does this one rank? Again I wasn't around for all of them, but here's a top 5:

    1. Flipper Anderson play -- that was a Super Bowl team.
    2. The San Fran comeback in 2002 and subsequent missed field goal. What was it -- 30 points they gave up?
    3. Yesterday's game.
    4. '97 playoffs and Calloway's inability to handle the onside kick.
    5. 2000 Super Bowl against the Ravens. I know Baltimore had a great team, but show up.

    I probably had the sickest feeling after those five games.

  2. I was born around the fumble but way to young...I was in diapers. So for me yesterday was the worst. Though I should go on youtube and watch that fumble.

  3. The very disturbing part of the latest no-show is that it's part of a trend of HOME FIELD no-shows under Coughlin. When things go downhill, the guy has no creativity or risk-taking ability to turn things around.

    Granted, they showed up in Jan.-Feb. '08, and thank God for that, but even the Super Bowl run had been immediately preceeded by empty efforts:

    a short list... read 'em and weep...

    Vikings 24, Giants 21-- '05 int, punt and kick return td's allowed; Sharper 3 int's
    Panthers 23, Giants 0-- '05 playoffs
    Saints 30, Giants 7-- Dec., '06
    Vikings 41, Giants 7-- '07 -- tavares jackson (!) bomb for td on 1st play
    Redskins 22, Giants 10-- '07 -- todd collins
    Eagles 23, Giants 11-- playoffs '08

  4. To answer Ernie's question: yesterday, by far. At least The Fumble sparked Wellington and Tim to get their heads out of their asses. It is still not yet known what the fallout of this loss will be.

  5. A question. How about a trade for Ward with Jacobs? Let's get Ward back with Bradshaw as the 2nd back. I think that might be a great tandem. I was worried when Jacobs took that big contract...I mean Jacobs is always injured and his bruising running style usually dictates a short career.

  6. I watched The Fumble with my dad on our Zenith TV (yeah, I'm old). I say yesterday was worse. The Giants of the Fumble era were terrible. No talent, bad coaching, and the infighting between the Maras meant no GM and a front office in shambles. You expected the Giants to lose in those days because that's all they did. Remember Fran Tarkenton begged to be traded out of NY and I'm sure the rest of his teammates felt the same way. We were the Detroit Lions of the 70s. In fact, right before The Fumble, my dad turned to me and said, "Watch them blow this". He was being sarcastic, but it turned out he was right. The Fumble also brought about the fundamental changes that needed to happen. Rozelle stepped into the Mara feud and all but demanded they hire George Young. Soon, pride had been restored to the franchise and while there were still some terrible seasons and some terrible games, you always felt the Giants would bounce back. I don't feel that way today. They quit. I didn't see a team of lovable losers like the 70s, I saw spoiled brats that had no pride. I DON'T feel they will bounce back unless big changes are made that go beyond just firing Sheridan. I don't care that Sheridan stinks. You play for your teammates, your team, and your fans. You worry about getting rid of Sheridan in the off-season. Yesterday's performance wasn't an isolated mistake, a bad bounce, or just a team looking flat. It was a team that quit. They did it in Denver, too. It's a cancer that can destroy a team and an organization if it's not cut out. The Fumble was a turning point that was needed to make things right by a team whose roster was weak and filled with gaping holes. Yesterday was a disgraceful embarrassment of the entire franchise. This team has the talent to win yesterday's game or, at bare minimum, play a competitive game. Carolina is a team with lots of injuries and problems of it's own. The Giants didn't even bother to show. That's why it's so much worse than The Fumble.

  7. Maybe I am more of a realist but yesterday's game was nowhere near the worst or for that matter even in the top ten worst games. This team doesn't care, the defense is a bunch of jerks and I had ZERO EXPECTATIONS after week 9. Ifthe Giants made the playoffs they would have been whipped. Screw this team, time for changes. I expected that game against the Skins.

  8. Ernie, I would say it all depends on what happens as a result of yesterday's game. The Fumble in 78 brought on big changes that were long overdue. The Fumble was an accumulation of a lot of problems. I think what might be more meaningful from yesterday are the empty seats by the end of the game. I think that might be the most embarrassing to the ownership. That might have more impact in the long run. Could the empty seats be the equivalent of the banner flying over the stadium? Let's face it - for good and bad, the Giants are a conservative organization and it takes a lot to force them to make changes. Maybe between the lack of effort yesterday and the empty stands, it will be enough to bring about changes.

  9. The fumble was 1 play; yesterday was an entire game and a true team effort. Yesterday has to be way worse. I would put the Flipper Anderson game 3rd and then the game they blew versus Minnesota in the Fassell era when they flubbed the onsides kick. The Monday night game against Dallas where Dallas had 11 seconds and Feely kicked off out of bounds comes to mind - 1 completion then a long field goal to win the game. I was at that one.

  10. Let's go Ern,

    Lots to write about today:

    1. Giants apologize.
    2. Osi is seen at leadership meeting. What's his future?
    3. Reaction to Harry Carson's critisism.
    4. Sheridan's future (Peter King again calls him out).

  11. If the Giants have to lose I'd rather they get blown out then lose a close one. So the "The Fumble" was a lot worse.

  12. Been following the Giants since Allie Sherman was coach...the 70's were very uninspiring but yesterdays loss was worse than 'the fumble' at least they were poised to win the fumble game. Yesterday was just plain awful, hopefully there will be some serious retooling on defense, a Giants staple, who have fallen about as fast as you possibly can...I'm sorry the problem is clear and it starts with Sheridan who is the air apparent of Ray Handley...he's no Spags thats for sure...

  13. I remember The Fumble. Nothing was worse. Even to this day.