Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here Again

One last Wednesday at the old homestead. We'll get Tom Coughlin in a few minutes. Looking for updates today on Corey Webster, Aaron Ross, Kareem McKenzie and Rich Seubert.

We'll also undoubtedly be taking to Shaun O'Hara about his Pro Bowl selection.

Here's the preliminary injury list:

RB Ahmad Bradshaw (ankles and foot), RB Brandon Jacobs (knee), QB Eli Manning (foot), WR Mario Manningham (shoulder), T Kareem McKenzie (knee), DT Fred Robbins (lower leg), CB Aaron Ross (hamstring), G Rich Seubert (knee), and CB Corey Webster (knee).

Now, a question. Does it matter to anybody what the Giants do Sunday against Minnesota? Is there a difference between 9-7 and 8-8? If they beat the Vikings, will it truly wash away the hideous taste of last week?

The floor is open.



  1. No, no, 1,000 times no. In fact, you almost want them to lose to get a better draft pick. (not quite there in my thinking, but getting closer)

  2. I'd sure like to see them finish with a little more respectability than they showed last week. Not that anyone will remember what they do in this game though. Unfortunately their season will be remembered for their Jeckyl and Hyde play all year and the Carolina game will be they symbol of the season. Given all that, I'd still like to see them put forth a good effort. Maybe we can find out who actually wants to be back next year.

  3. HELL YEAH IT MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The difference between 8-8 and 9-7 is approximately 7 drafts spots where the Giants can pick as high as 17 and get the impact linebacker that the team so desperately needs or another impact player that slips. LETS GO PURPLE!

  4. I want a poll ERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What matters to me is a team that has been plagued by injuries all year doesn't do something stupid and get a key player hurt in a meaningless game. Roll out the backups and let the guys who are hurt (Tuck, Bradshaw, Eli, etc.) start their rehab early. The ONLY way this season could could turn worse is if Bradshaw or Eli break their foot in this game or Tuck breaks his shoulder. Then we get to start next season in a huge hole because of injuries - AGAIN! If Eli gets badly hurt in this game, then I want Coughlin's head to roll.

  6. These guys aren't getting paid 10 million a season to rest up because they had a crappy year. They better all be out there and bust their butts.

    Injuries are a part of football and of life -- look at Ron Artest, falling at his home. It would be a complete disgrace if not every able player were playing on Sunday. Then, dweez, Coughlin's head should roll.

    If that's your philosophy -- teams should only play its best players on years they think they have a legit shot at a Super Bowl. Other than that, why risk injury and possibily hurting next season.

    2010 starts on Sunday, the stats may not count, but the play does. What do we learn if Osi, Eli, Bradshaw, Tuck, Webster, among others, don't play because they have a boo-boo?

    Can Eli continue to develop with his wide receivers? He'll have to wait until next September before he can continue the in-game learning process.

    And enough with this impact linebacker. The Giants play a 4-3 -- linebackers lose their importance in that system. When's the last time they had an impact LB? Armstead almost 10 years ago now?

    This defense has been fine without a stud LB for quite a few years. They need a DT and a safety before anything else.

  7. JR - Wow, where to start with those comments? No, they shouldn't only play their best players when they think they can win the Super Bowl. Never said that, never will. It's the LAST game, not the beginning of the season, and there are guys who have been playing with injuries that most other players would have been on the IR with. It's a credit to Eli, Bradshaw, and Tuck that they did NOT go on IR. So, you propose, after playing with major injuries all year, we risk their entire careers for a meaningless game? Smart. These men don't have "boo-boos" (would love to see you say that to their faces!), they have been playing with the serious risk of their bones breaking. So, to appeal to your "macho" factor, NY should risk next season in the effort to win the last game of a season when they have already been eliminated from the playoffs. I bet Jerry Reese is worried about you taking his job. Now, overlooking the painfully obvious fact that Ron Artest does NOT play football, what, exactly does his fall have to do with the Giants? He has sat out the last several games because of his concussion. That applies to this discussion how? Basketball and football are just a little different when it comes to injury risks. No one is trying to tackle you and drive you into the ground in basketball. Finally, Eli should risk breaking his foot to "continue to develop with his wide receivers". Newsflash, the passing game is fine. Eli is having his best season. It's been the lone bright spot in a very frustrating year. Thanks for laughs, JR. You must be a hoot at the office Xmas party.

  8. Oh dweez, how lost you are. First off, how are any of these injuries career-threatening?

    Tuck has a bad shoulder, Eli and Bradshaw have bad feet. They can tough it out one more game. If Eli or Bradshaw break their foot how does that negatviely impact them? Could they do anything until they healed?

    And, I don't know if you've noticed, but the three of them have been playing football for the past three months with these same injuries. Now that they can't make the playoffs they shouldn't play anymore? What happened if the Giants were eliminated two or three weeks ago, should they have stopped playing Dec. 1?

    I pay money to watch the best players compete on Sunday and if they aren't going to because they want to rest then give me my money back. Separate issue, but same idea -- if I'm a Colt fan I would demand my money back from last week's game.

    We have six tickets to the Giants games and if they were in similar position and pulled their starters I would want my money back.

    Same idea this week. No, it's not a home game, but don't televise the game if the Giants aren't going to play their best players.

    And was the Artest comparison to complicated for you?

    Artest tripped and fell at his home, causing a concussion. My point was that injuries can happen anywhere. Eli could break his foot hopping over a curb just as he could break it in a game, any game. Pre, regular or postseason.

    And don't worry, I wouldn't want Reese's job. But I wasn't sure how I was asking for it anyway, maybe another one of your delusions.

    Sure the passing game is fine. But Nicks is a rookie who cold always use the work with his QB. And is Manningham all of a sudden perfect with his route running? But I guess you're right the passing game is fine -- why work on trying to fix it.

    dweez, you're lost. Get a map.

  9. Oh, I see JR. You shelled out for tickets, so it's all about you. Classy. Yep, they did play with those injuries. Most players wouldn't have. Shows their guts. But that's not enough for you because you bought tickets. What's amazing is you actually ask if Eli or Bradshaw breaks their foot, how would it negatively impact them? You're kidding, right? No one could be that oblivious. Maybe you should get up from the couch, get a 25 lb weight, drop it on your foot from about five feet up and go play flag football. I won't even ask you to play tackle football. Try playing RB or QB with that foot and let us know how it works out. I'm amazed that someone that clueless could afford tickets. Must be a state or city employee. Bradshaw and Eli have SERIOUS medical issues, not sore feet. The cuboid bone in Eli's foot could break under the duress of game conditions. If it does, he won't be able to throw a pass for months. That will do wonders for Manningham and the passing game, won't it? Bradshaw's bone is already cracked. Broken and he probably won't fully recover for over a year. Nothing more important to a RB than his feet. But, hey, you paid for tickets. So, let's risk next season, to play a meaningless game this season because we want you to get your money's worth. Even though, they're in Minnesota and your tickets are for home games only. You are entertaining, JR. Bottom line, both guys will probably be on the field because they are warriors. It's reckless, unnecessary, and short sighted, so here's hoping Coughlin has the common sense to pull them early. See, JR, I'm a fan, but I'm also the kind of the guy that hates to see any player carted off the field. Especially one wearing "NY" on his helmet that will make the difference whether the team has a chance to win next year or not. Think about how much you're going to hate paying for those tickets if David Carr is the starting QB next year. And if Eli is on IR, you can bet there won't be any refunds. For a guy that only cares about his six tickets, you don't seem to realize that without Eli back there, you won't be able to give those tickets away. Finally, if those tickets are such a financial strain, sell them. You can see the game on a huge HD flat screen with the money from your tixs and still have cash left over. It's not the same as being there, but at least you won't have to obsess over whether you're getting your money's worth every second of every game. Must be tough to enjoy the game when you're counting pennies.