Monday, December 14, 2009

Not A Happy Monday

Here are the highlights and lowlights. Be big people and watch.



  1. That defense SUX. If the Giants do make the playoffs they are going nowhere.

  2. Fire Sheridan and whole defensive staff. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible

  3. Wish list: 1. Spags 2. John Fox 3. Dick Juaron 4. Mike Nolan 5. Romeo Crennel

  4. Sheridan has fixed some of the problems, but Guinta(sp) needs to fix the secondary. This guy was considered for the spot as well, wasn't he?

    Osi and Canty are just terrible, they get blown off the ball all the time.

    TC looked pretty upset at sheridan last night

  5. Let's assume Spags isn't leaving the Rams after one year. What about Dave Campo? And Wade Philips isn't that bad of a coordinator. I think they need to get someone safe with experience.

    This is a team that's built to win now. You can't roll the dice with a young guy because it's too risky and you could throw the season away if it doesn't work (i.e 2009).

  6. Sheridan and his ameoba defense has to go...I mean at least Spags who gave 80 pts his first two games with the Giants got his act together and won us a Super Bowl...Sheridan seems clueless! Guys almost 80% of the time seem totally out of position! Granted this guys have to play but coaches have to maximize players abilities and put them in position to succeed! Sheridan doesn't seem to have a clue!!

  7. P.S. Why did Spags have to leave!!!??? I know head coaching job but damn do we really miss him now! He had the defense humming!

  8. Just was listening to Trent Dilfer on ESPN radio.
    Said that the NFL is a "league of coaches." Good coaching makes good players better. Bad coaching lets players play at their talent level. Dilfer asked: Did the NYG defense get that bad in 1 year? They lost a good coach....and now the players are an unorganized collection of individual talent.
    And this secondary coach - Guinta - he was considered for the OC job and lost out to.....Sheridan.
    How bad is this guy?

  9. if you caught Collingsworth comments on Manningham, it seems so obvious that he doesn't know how to run routes. Collingsworth is saying that these are basic route running reads that all receivers should know, technique-things, so why doesn't our high draft pick, 2nd year player know these things?

    I agree with the above post about Campo, he's a great defensive coordinator. I'll throw another name into the ring, "Al Groh" who worked with Belichek and Parcells in NY, Cleveland, NE and back with the Jets.

  10. More Gilbride issues....

    Someone please tell me why Barden "isn't ready" to be a redzone threat yet, but......BOOTHE is ready?!?! WTF was that play call about?

    Boss, Nicks, no no, let's send Boothe in as an eligable receiver.

  11. I can't get on the offense for yesterday's game. They played well enough to win. And they did score a TD on that drive. And every team has an extra linman in at the goal line. I don't think he was the primary receiver on that play, but Eli didn't have time to go elsewhere.

    And to be fair, he has been open the few times the Giants ran that play. And I know people (including myself) have issues with Gilbride's playcalling at times. But this team is one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. He's not perfect, but it is a pretty good offense. Now if they only played some defense. Oh and special teams would help.

    Again, the Giants lose 2 out of the 3 phases of a football game.

  12. yeah i get that. I don't mean to make that single paly bigger than it was, but I'm just thinking Barden would be a huge asset in that situation.

    either way, it was the defense that lost us that game (or arguably Jacobs' arm tape)