Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Motivation

As if the Giants needed any more motivation for Carolina, this will be the final Giants home game at Giants Stadium. They open up the new place next season, so if nothing else the Giants will want to end the 34-year era in this building on a winning note.

Here's a video featuring Eli Manning, Justin Tuck, Rich Seubert, and Barry Cofield talking about the significance of the game and their memories of the first time they walked into Giants Stadium.

Tom Coughlin said he wanted to use all means available to ready his team for the task ahead, which is to win out. And that means beating the Panthers Sunday.

"We need everything. Everything that we can possibly use, we will use," Coughlin said.

But looking to close up the Giants' era at Giants Stadium on a good note just adds to the emotions.

"It always means extra motivation," Coughlin said. "It means the opportunity to play in front of our fans one more time in a very significant game. The opportunity for us to utilize the 12th man, if you will.

"I thought our fans have done a really good job, especially on third down situations, as we have come down here through the stretch with divisional opponents. We will need everyone to be involved in the game this weekend as well. If it is the final home game at Giants Stadium, there is a lot of historical significance to that game."

Coughlin remembered his first experiences with Giants Stadium as a Syracuse assistant.

"We can go down memory lane as much as you like. I remember many, many years ago before I ever got involved in professional football. Giants Stadium, I always thought, was the greatest football stadium in the world. It was always an honor, a privilege and an eye-opener to bring a college team, or whatever I was coaching, into that stadium.

"Then of course when I had the opportunity to come here as an assistant coach it was extremely meaningful to me and my family, being from New York state and having always been a fan of and been aware of and watched since the time I was a little guy, black and white TV. Always the Giants and the Browns in those days, that’s what it was."

"First time I ever stepped in? I can remember a couple disappointing ones. I was at Syracuse and we played Penn State here one time and got our butts kicked. I remember lots of things. I remember when I was at B.C. and coming here with the leadership for the Big East community and sitting there in the stadium and doing interviews with people and having some of the Giants players walk by and that was pretty cool. That was kind of neat."


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