Thursday, December 24, 2009

No Suspension

Good news. Brandon Jacobs was not suspended for his fight with Albert Haynesworth last week.

Bad news, for him. He got docked $7,500 (American) for his failed attempt at a one-punch knockout. So he will be available for Sunday.

Also forgot to mention that Hakeem Nicks (hamstring) practiced today.

Now, for the important stuff. We had lobster, clams, scallops and shrimp in a fra diavolo sauce for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Tell me what you guys had. Or, if Christmas Day is your big day, run down the menu.



  1. I had a fantastic pork loin wrapped in bacon and followed it with a six pack, highlights of the greatest super bowl of ALL time followed by what will probably be the second half of Christmas Story. Remember when Osi was good? Merry C
    XMAS to the best blogger on the web, Ernie P!

  2. Tonight: Crab cakes
    Tomorrow: Surf-and-turf, filet and lobster tails.

    Incredibly irresponsible of Brandon to respond as he did in the middle of the stretch run, but Haynesworth started it, and should have been fined double. Merry Christmas, Ern!

  3. Had the seven-fish feast, but incredibly we only made it through four of them before my family decided "Time to skip to dessert!" We're getting soft in our old age, I guess.

    Merry Christmas to Ernie P, still the finest Giants beat reporter around. May you and your blog know nothing but prosperity and success through the holidays, and may you still be informing and entertaining us all in 2010.

    Happy Holidays to all!!!