Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eli's Thoughts

Here's some Eli Manning for you, talking about what's ahead of them.

It's a lot, too. Even though they lost to the Eagles, they're still even money to get that sixth playoff seed. But they need help from the Cowboys, who continued their December slide Sunday. And they'll definitely have to beat the Redskins, who are not playing that badly these days. They just put up 34 points in a win against Oakland, and the week before that they took undefeated New Orleans to overtime. And the week before that, they lost by three to Philadelphia.

And the week before that, they lost 7-6 to the Cowboys. That makes three losses by seven total points.



  1. redskins are revamped and will roll the giants. The giant def line is way too small for the new hogs, Campbell is finally utilizing all of his weapons. The defense is relentless and the rookie of the year, Brian Orakpo, is going to take Eli out of the game. The giants playoff hopes dies at Fedex field on Monday night, hail to the redskins!

  2. All I gotta say is at least the Giants aren't the Skins in terms of ownership group, coaching staff, personnel and location.

  3. With the way this team is playing, I will be happy if the Giants go 8-8, cause I really don't want to see a 7-9 finish.

  4. I wonder if they'll try Orakpo on the leftside to match him on our rookie RT Beatty. Probably better to have him on Diehl and Eli's blindside, but still....could be a rough day for the rook.

  5. Hey Ern,

    U get lost in the big new facility? Let's go, a little video, a little analysis and a ton of E!

  6. Did anybody see what that jackass Peter King wrote about Eli in MMQB: Tuesday edition? The guy hates the Giants.

    He either completely ignores them or gives them a backhanded compliment.

    He's such a pompous blow hard I can't stand it.

    Oh, if you didn't read it, he basically says that he's concerned about the Eagles defense because he doesn't understand how they could let a struggling Eli Manning throw for nearly 400 yards.

    The guys basically in or around the top 10 in every major category.