Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Reminder

We'll be closing out the Giants' era at Giants Stadium tomorrow with a live-blog starting at 12:45 p.m. Maybe somebody will get the ball rolling with one of their favorite memories of the stadium, and that will lead us right into this most important game itself. So don't miss it.

Just look for the Cover-It-Live box and follow the directions to file comments. See ya then.



  1. That got me thinking, as a gen x/y Giants fan all my great Giant memories are on the road. Kinda sad unless I'm forgetting one or two but I can't think of anything better than the GMEN rout of the Vikings going into their drubbing at the hands of Trent Dilfer. Can't wait for the live blog E!!!!! And u better be bringing it too!!!!

  2. I unfortunately have to agree with Wayno. The five greatest/most exciting/most memorable games in my Giants memory were all on the road. The best home game had to be the 2000 NFC Championship game.

    But the five best games in my Giants memory (in no paticular order): 1990: Giants over the 49ers NFC Chanpionship (that was the game that got me into football), then of course the Super Bowl over the Bills. And then in 2007: the win over the Cowboys, Packers and Patriots. Those five games are the best in my Giants memory.

    I love the 2000 game because it was so unexpected and then you had Wellington's great speech, but it's a little sour because of the Super Bowl performance.

    It's kind of like how Mets fans have to view the Endy Chavez catch. It could be one of the best catches in postseason history, but because they lost the series it waters down the accomplishment.

  3. Agreed, Endy Chavez would be a hero and that would simply be known as "the catch." and rank right after Buckner. God am I glad I'm a yanks fan. Have another fun year of Minaya/Manuel and company of listless baseball. I sure hope for ur sake RA Dickey and Escobar are the saviors. Hahahaha