Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pro Bowler O'Hara

Shaun O'Hara was typically gracious about his Pro Bowl nod, the only Giant to make the roster.

"It's definitely an honor," O'Hara said. "As a lineman, you're always uneasy to get any personal recognition. But it's a big honor for the entire offensive line. It's a reflection of our line as a whole."

Probably not. That offensive line was not the power line of the last two seasons, and there will likely be change in a starting unit that had played a record 38 straight games intact before right tackle Kareem McKenzie missed Week 7 against Arizona with a groin injury.

Still, O'Hara was probably the steadiest of the bunch, which also had left tackle David Diehl and right guard Chris Snee voted to first alternate status.



  1. Ohara made some dumb and bad penalties. He didn't have a great year and him and garoude both shoulda been left off.

    He was all excited from what was reported in the papers. Pretty weak.

  2. No push up front on short down plays. Ok from a pass protection standpoint. I like O'Hara. Nice for him but the line played poor overall.


  3. I agree the line had a down year, but I don't know how much O'Hara is to blame. The two weak spots on that line were McKenzie and Seubert. Diehl, Snee and O'Hara played admirably. Not as good as the last two years, but they were at least solid.

    And I have a question: What's the deal with the CBA? It sounds like it's not going to get done, but what's the date that a new CBA has to be signed by?

    And does this effect revenue sharing or just the salary cap and free agents? And I just want to make sure I have this right: Potentially next year there would be no salary cap -- anything else?

  4. No salary cap. The ramifications from the Giants stand point are GREAT. Either the Giants could sign whoever they wanted too(not good, free agency doesnt work very well and often leads to bad contracts) or the Giants could easily eat some bad contracts without having to worry about the cap. This will be great for them to easily eat Bernard(high cap hit), MAC(low cap hit), Seub(low cap hit), Robbins (low cap hit) and hopefully Canty(enormous cap hit). The Giants have plenty o dough to do this especially with all you EXTREME SUCKERS paying PSL fees.

  5. Hey, there are no PSL fees for my recliner. I get a great view of the game and the beer fridge is easily accessible. No line for the bathroom either.

  6. Wayne - the downside is that won't be much to choose from in the free agent market. Guys have to stay with their teams for six years instead of four if there is no CBA. Plus, the Giants have to compete with Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder for FAs. You just know one of those two will sign some lucky player to most outrageous contract in NFL history. It will certainly make for an interesting off season.